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How to Redeem and Play the Material Girl in Roblox?

How to Redeem and Play the Material Girl in Roblox?
Written by: iamharoongill

Ready to turn up the volume while cruising through Brookhaven with your squad? Dive into the beats of Saucy Santana, curated for you by Pro Game Guides. Dive deeper to find out more about this track and its Roblox ID 2023.


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What is "Material Girl"?




"Material Girl" stands as a notable pop-rap track by Saucy Santana, distinct from the iconic hit by Madonna. Debuting in 2019, the song witnessed a surge in popularity in 2020, thanks to the TikTok filter named "Material Gwoorl." This filter showcased a Roblox character that moved in response to user gestures.


On Roblox, fans can find two versions of the song: Pitched and Bass Boosted. To groove to these versions, specific codes are necessary. Thus, for those on the hunt for the "Material Girl" Roblox Music ID, your quest concludes here.



Who is Saucy Santana?


As previously mentioned, Saucy Santana is a prominent figure in the American rap scene. His hit "Material Girl" has spread like wildfire across numerous platforms, leading to the widespread search for its Roblox ID.




Born Justin Harris in 1993, Saucy Santana wears multiple hats – not only as a rapper but also as a makeup artist and songwriter. Currently, at 28, his discography boasts one studio album, two mixtapes, and an extended play.


The buzzworthy "Material Girl" hails from his 2020 mixtape titled "Imma Celebrity." Its massive traction on digital platforms led to its inclusion in Roblox. Moreover, a bass-boosted remix of the track further amplified its reach and resonance.



Roblox "Material Girl" Music ID 


The popularity of Saucy Santana's "Material Girl" is undeniable. Its resonating beats and catchy lyrics have made it a sought-after track on Roblox. As previously noted, Roblox offers two distinct versions of this song. Below is a comprehensive guide to accessing and playing each version:


Roblox ID Codes for "Material Girl" Versions:


  1. Material Girl (Pitched) ID Code: 3421152742



Detailed Steps to Redeem and Play "Material Girl" on Roblox:




  1. Obtain a Boombox: To continuously enjoy the music across different Roblox experiences, you'll first need a Boombox. Purchase one from the Roblox Avatar Shop. It's a one-time buy that allows you to play music wherever a Boombox can be used.
  2. Alternative for a Boombox: If you don't wish to purchase a Boombox right away, navigate to 'Catalogue Heaven.' Here, you can search for a free catalog where a Boombox might be available for temporary use.
  3. Accessing the Boombox: Once you have the Boombox, equip it in the game.
  4. Entering the Song ID: Locate the Boombox's interface and input the provided "Material Girl" ID code (as mentioned above).
  5. Play the Song: After entering the code, hit the play button.
  6. Enjoy the Music: The song "Material Girl" should start playing, allowing you and others around to groove to its catchy rhythm.


Saucy Santana's "Material Girl" has garnered immense acclaim, raking in millions of views across various platforms. If you're yet to experience its allure, don't hesitate! Use the provided Roblox ID and immerse yourself in its beats.





As we wrap up our exploration into Saucy Santana's "Material Girl" and its presence on Roblox, it's clear how intertwined music, gaming, and social platforms have become in shaping modern entertainment experiences. The rise of "Material Girl" on platforms like TikTok and its subsequent integration into Roblox in 2023 showcases the fluidity with which pop culture phenomena transition between mediums.


For Roblox fans, this means an ever-expanding musical landscape, with popular tracks like "Material Girl" bringing rhythm and energy to virtual worlds. As we move forward, it'll be fascinating to see which other tracks make their mark within the Roblox universe and how the community embraces them. Whether you're a Saucy Santana fan, an avid Roblox player, or someone who simply appreciates the intersection of music and gaming, there's no denying that the future holds exciting possibilities.


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