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How to Create Your Own Skin in Roblox

How to Create Your Own Skin in Roblox
Written by: iamharoongill

Roblox is an excellent universe populated by people from Minecraft, Lego, and even anime characters, where everyone can come up with a unique image for themselves. Today, you are a headless horseman, tomorrow a dancing banana, and the rest of the days, you fly around in the carcass of a bird, notifying everyone in the world that you are a goose.


In other words, skins in Roblox are what sets players apart from the diverse crowd and allows them to gain popularity. How to create your own skin, and is it possible to do it for free? Let's talk about everything in order.




What is skin




A skin in Roblox is the appearance of a game character, consisting of a certain set of details and textures. The avatar doesn't give you any special bonuses or affect the gameplay in any way - it just reflects your style. You can create yourself, a pet, or an idol - in general, make almost any fantasy come true.


In the character editor, you can:


  • Change your body type;
  • Change your face and skin color;
  • Choose a hairstyle, clothes, and accessories.


In order for a skin to be displayed correctly in the game, you need to use a specific model to create each of its elements. For example, if you use accessories or clothes designed for Noob (classic skin) on anime models, they may “float” or not be displayed at all.


If you wish, you can exchange skins with other users, but first, you need to add them to your friends list. To exchange, select the desired skin and click on the “Exchange” button, not forgetting to indicate your friend’s nickname.



Where to find free skins in Roblox




The easiest way to dress up your character is to use ready-made skins that are available in the in-game store. There are free options available to all users and donation options for Robux (game currency). To find exactly free items, you need:


  1. Go to the app and register if you haven't already.
  2. Through the side (PC) or bottom (phone) menu panel, go to the “Avatar” section and select the “Marketplace” tab.
  3. In the search bar, enter the word “free” or set the price to zero (in English, the “Price” tab) through filtering.


You can also do this on the official Roblox website, where the trading platform tab is located in the upper left part of the screen. You can try on items from the catalog immediately after purchasing them.



How to create your own skin in Roblox




You, like any player, use the catalog of one store. It goes without saying that it is impossible to create a truly unique character based solely on free items. To win the attention of other gamers and stand out from them, you will have to redraw skins. Unfortunately, only T-shirts can be downloaded for free; other clothes will cost you 10 Robux.


When creating a skin, focus on the work of other authors and add original details. It is also important to note that the platform prohibits the use of 18+ content, including obscene language, offensive inscriptions, and images. 



Using a graphic editor


First, let's figure out how to create a design for a T-shirt, shirt, or trousers using special patterns. To do this, you need:


  • Download the template file and open it in any graphics editor (for example, Adobe Photoshop or GIMP).
  • Delete all filled template fragments.
  • In your browser, use the image search and find a suitable texture (or draw it manually).
  • Add a downloaded or created image and adjust its size to fit the template layout.
  • When you decide that a masterpiece has been created, save the file in “JPG,” “PNG,” “TGA,” or “BMP” format.


Template for the top:




Template for the bottom of the garment:




  • Front (F) - front part;
  • Back (B) - rear part;
  • Up - top;
  • Down - bottom;
  • R - right;
  • L - left;
  • Right arm/leg - right arm/leg;
  • Left arm/leg - left arm/leg;
  • The dotted lines indicate the height limit for gloves and lower leg parts.



Using Roblox Studio


Roblox Studio is, as the name implies, the official program of the platform, which is designed not only for drawing skins but also for creating personal worlds. What you need to do to create a skin in it:


  • Download the program from the official website and install it on your computer.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch it and log into your Roblox account.
  • Create a new file or open a previously created one.
  • Right-click on an empty space in the toolbar (at the top of the screen) and check that the “Explorer” and “Properties” items are checked.
  • In the right panel, find the game character and expand the list of parts attached to him.
  • Among these details, find and select the required item of clothing, which is signed as “Pants” or “Shirt.”
  • In the lower right part of the screen, find the “Appearance” section, and in the “Template” tab, specify the path to the folder with the skin or a link to the texture.
  • When you are satisfied with the work, save the skin in the game client by selecting “Publish in Roblox” through the “File” tab.



How to add the created skin to the game


If you decide not to be clever and use the first method, only by creating a template, you are faced with a new task - loading it into the game. To do this, you will need:


  • In the browser version, log into your account and go to the “Avatar” section.
  • Select the category of the desired type of clothing and click on the “Create” button on the right.
  • Go to the “Avatar items” tab and upload the created template by clicking the “Upload Asset” button.
  • After downloading, fill in the information about your skin and complete the process with the “Upload” button.


After all the manipulations, your skin must be checked by a moderator, so in order for it to be approved, do not neglect the site rules. If there are no problems, it will be published within a few hours. Only then will your character be able to try on a new thing, and you will be proud of the fruits of your labors.



How to change skin in Roblox





All that remains is to figure out how to dress your conditional cyborg. To edit your character's parameters, you need:


  • Through the side (PC) or bottom (phone) panel, go to the same “Avatar” section (in the form of a character icon) and select the “Customize” tab.
  • Using the sorting tools, sequentially select body type, clothing, and other parameters.
  • To search for additional items, you can use the “Shop for More” tab, which is located under the editor itself.


You can even build a hybrid and combine the head, arms, and legs from different sets, thereby causing a heart attack on the fifth point among perfectionists. Just be aware that sometimes, such experiments can break the model, forcing you to assemble body parts from scratch.



Cool free Roblox skins


Whether they will be cool for you is a big question, but personally, we appreciate these skins. Maybe with them, you will be the first robloxer in the village. And, as they say, all markers have different tastes and colors.


  • Knit Sweater - Black;
  • Serena;
  • Man Face;
  • Casey;
  • Business Coat - Striped Gray;
  • Green Day Fanz Shirt;
  • Roblox Sneakers - Gray;
  • International Fedora - Germany.



Popular donation skins


If you are a Robloxer with money and demand respect, you definitely need to look the part. By the way, if you don’t know how to convert untold wealth into the desired Robux, perhaps this article will tell you. And we will list some popular skins:


  • Classic Rainbow Hair;
  • Rainbow Antlers;
  • Berry Yummy Tophat;
  • Charlie II;
  • Dark Crusader Helmet;
  • Tiffany V;
  • Left Pauldron of the Lost King;
  • Red Luck and Happiness Sigils Witch Widebrim Hat.


Donated, received for free, or created yourself at the cost of great effort - it doesn’t matter, we just hope that, you got beautiful skins in Roblox. Share screenshots of your characters and your experience of creating them in the comments. And if you still have other questions on the topic, we will try to answer them.



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