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How to Get Tushita in Blox Fruits

How to Get Tushita in Blox Fruits
Written by: iamharoongill

In Blox Fruits on Roblox, the Tushita stands as a coveted Legendary Sword, sought after for its swift attacks and formidable damage output. Essential for excelling in Raids and PvP, Tushita is not just a weapon but a gateway to more significant challenges and rewards. However, acquiring this legendary blade is no small feat. Adventurers must first reach the towering requirement of Level 2000. 


Once there, a series of complex tasks awaits—from solving intricate puzzles to battling formidable foes like the Level 2000 boss. This guide will take you through the meticulous steps on how to get Tushita in Blox Fruits, ensuring you're well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead in your quest for this exceptional sword.




How to Get Tushita in Blox Fruits


How_to_Get_Tushita in Blox Fruits


Before you can lay your hands on the legendary Tushita sword in Blox Fruits, you must first achieve Level 2000—a feat that sets the stage for the challenges ahead. Once you've reached this milestone, your next step is to obtain God's Chalice, an essential item needed to progress in your quest. There are two methods to acquire this essential artifact:


  1. Kill an Elite Pirate at the Sea Castle: This challenging task will test your combat skills as you face one of the formidable Elite Pirates. Victory will reward you with the chalice.
  2. Pray at the Haunted Castle Gravestone: For those who might prefer a less aggressive approach, visiting the gravestone at the Haunted Castle offers an alternative way to secure the chalice through a solemn act of prayer.


Once you have God's Chalice in your possession, the next crucial step in acquiring Tushita is summoning and confronting the formidable Indra Boss. This encounter is pivotal and one of the toughest challenges you'll face in Blox Fruits. To initiate this battle, you must first activate the chalice, which summons the Indra Boss, a daunting adversary whose defeat is key to progressing in your quest.


After summoning Indra, head directly to the mystical location of the Hydra Island waterfall. The journey to the waterfall is fraught with peril, but it is here that your path to the Tushita truly begins. Behind the cascading waters of the waterfall lies a giant brown wall. This barrier must be broken using your sword attacks, a task that tests your strength and resolve as you make your way into the hidden chambers beyond, filled with spectral foes awaiting their chance to halt your progress.



Blox Fruits: How To Solve The Tushita Puzzle




After breaking through the giant brown wall at Hydra Island, your journey leads you to an enigmatic location known as the Floating Turtle. This mystical area houses the crucial Tushita Puzzle, a test of both wit and agility. The challenge here is to light five hidden torches within a strict five-minute timeframe, which demands speed and sharp observation skills.


The torches are strategically placed:


  • Torch 1: Start by following the stone path from the entrance and turning right at the first fork, then climb a tree near a gate to find the torch hidden among mushrooms.
  • Torch 2: Return to the first path and follow it straight to an archway where the torch sits beneath.
  • Torch 3: Veer left at a brown path and searched for a large tree with two purple mushrooms, climbing to the highest orange pod to discover the torch.
  • Torch 4: Continue on the brown path to a ledge, follow it towards a mansion, then climb up near a wrecked ship to locate the torch.
  • Torch 5: Return to the main road and look for a small house with a red roof by a toppled building; the torch is on the back of the nearby standing building.


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The Battle Against Longma




Successfully lighting all five torches triggers the final and perhaps most exhilarating part of your quest: the battle against Longma. This formidable boss, a Level 2000 adversary, wields Tushita himself, making him a dangerous opponent. Longma's attack patterns are aggressive, but he does not boast a large HP pool, which can be used to your advantage.


Engage Longma with caution, maintaining distance to avoid his swift Tushita strikes. Utilize your dodging skills to evade his attacks and strike when opportunities arise. Upon defeating Longma, not only will you claim the mighty Tushita sword, but you will also earn the esteemed title of Celestial Swordsman.


This final conquest tests all the skills you've honed along your journey and rewards you with one of the most powerful weapons in Blox Fruits. The path to Tushita is fraught with challenges, but the prestige and power of wielding this legendary sword make it a worthy endeavor for any ambitious player.





The quest for the legendary Tushita sword in Blox Fruits is as rewarding as it is challenging. Achieving Level 2000, acquiring God's Chalice, solving the intricate Tushita Puzzle, and defeating the mighty Longma are all steps that pave the path to mastering a powerful weapon and becoming a celebrated Celestial Swordsman. This journey will test your skills and resolve, pushing you to the limits of your abilities in Blox Fruits. Whether for dominating in PvP or excelling in raids, Tushita is a testament to your dedication and prowess in the game.

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