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Roblox Blox Fruit Map Location Guide 2024

Roblox Blox Fruit Map Location Guide 2024
Written by: iamharoongill

In the vast, immersive world of Roblox, anime-inspired games are a thrilling draw, with Blox Fruits ranking among the top favorites. This enthralling game, deeply rooted in the spirit of the iconic One Piece, offers adventurers a rich tapestry of islands and locations to explore across expansive seas. However, the beauty and complexity of its world can become a labyrinth for players without a trusty map.


Our guide serves as your compass, leading you through every nook and cranny of this pixelated paradise. From the whispering jungles to the enigmatic depths of underwater cities, we'll detail the levels required and the paths to take for each island. Embark on a journey through the Roblox Blox Fruit Map, discovering hidden gems and unraveling the mysteries of its islands and locations.




The First Sea (Old World) Locations




Embark on your journey through the First Sea, often referred to as the Old World, in Blox Fruits. This initial stage of your adventure is dotted with 13 distinct areas, each offering unique challenges and rewards. As you set sail, here’s your essential guide to navigating these lands, complete with level entry requirements and directional insights.


Starter Marine/Pirate Island

  • Level Entry Requirements: Accessible to players of any level.
  • Description: Your adventure begins here. This is where you’ll learn the ropes and prepare for the journey ahead.


  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 15
  • Directions: Venture northeast from the dock area of the Starter Island to discover the lush, green expanses of the Jungle.

Pirate Village

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 30
  • Directions: From the Jungle, head northeast. The Pirate Village is a hub of activity and a step up in your adventure.


  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 60
  • Directions: Eastward from the Pirate Village lies the scorching Desert. Prepare for a challenging environment and tougher enemies.

Middle Island

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 100
  • Directions: Directly opposite the Starter Island. A significant milestone in your journey, Middle Island offers new opportunities and challenges.

Frozen Village

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 90
  • Directions: Head north from the Starting Island. The chilly climate of the Frozen Village is a stark contrast to earlier locations.

Marine Fortress

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 120
  • Directions: North from Frozen Village. The Marine Fortress is a bastion of challenges that will test your skills.


  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 150 to 200, other areas accessible at Level 450
  • Directions: Unlock and use the flying spell to reach the floating islands. A realm of mystery and high-level challenges awaits.


  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 190
  • Directions: West from the Frozen Village Dock. A daunting location with formidable foes.


  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 225
  • Directions: Travel east from the Frozen Village to find the Colosseum, a place for proving your combat prowess.

Magma Village

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 300
  • Directions: Situated behind the Marine Fortress. Reachable by flight, this fiery village is a test of endurance and strength.

Underwater City

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 375
  • Directions: South from Frozen Village towards the edge of the map. A unique underwater experience full of surprises.

Fountain City

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 625
  • Directions: Located on the Floating Island behind the Colosseum. A high-level area promising rich rewards and tough battles.


The First Sea of Blox Fruits is your starting point in a world brimming with adventure. Each location offers a distinct experience, setting the stage for an epic journey across the seas. As you navigate through these areas, remember that the adventure is just beginning.



The Second Sea Locations




As you progress in Blox Fruits, the Second Sea, often referred to as the 'New World,' unveils itself as a more challenging and intriguing part of your journey. This sea houses 10 main areas, each with its unique atmosphere and trails. To navigate this world, players need to be at least level 700. Here's your guide to mastering the Second Sea locations, with key details on level requirements and how to reach these fascinating spots.


Kingdom of Rose

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 700
  • Description: This is where you'll first set foot in the Second Sea. The Kingdom of Rose, with its regal ambiance, serves as the starting point and gateway to further adventures.

Usoap’s Island

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 700
  • Directions: Located just behind the Kingdom of Rose, Usoap’s Island is a testament to ingenuity and creativity, offering unique challenges.

Green Zone

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 875
  • Directions: Journey northwest from the Kingdom of Roses to discover the lush and mysterious Green Zone, a haven of nature amidst the sea.


  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 950
  • Directions: Venturing west from the Kingdom of Roses leads you to the eerie and somber Graveyard, where danger lurks in the shadows.

Snow Mountain

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1000
  • Directions: Head north from the Kingdom of Roses to encounter the harsh and frosty terrain of Snow Mountain, a test of resilience and skill.

Hot and Cold

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1100
  • Directions: Travel north from the Graveyard to find Hot and Cold, an area of stark contrasts and challenging environments.

Cursed Ship

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1000
  • Directions: Positioned opposite the Graveyard on the western part of the map, the Cursed Ship is a bastion of secrets and hidden dangers.

Ice Castle

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1350
  • Directions: Journey north from the Dark Arena to the Ice Castle, a formidable structure set in a landscape of ice and snow.

Forgotten Island

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1425
  • Directions: Head north from the Green Zone to uncover the mysteries of the Forgotten Island, a place of legends and untold stories.

Dark Arena

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1000
  • Directions: Located northeast of the Kingdom of Roses, the Dark Arena is a place for the brave, where combat skills are put to the ultimate test.


The Second Sea in Blox Fruits is a step up in complexity and excitement. Each location presents its own set of challenges and opportunities, pushing players to new heights of adventure and discovery. As you explore these areas, remember that every challenge faced is a step towards becoming a master of the seas.



The Third Sea Locations




The Third Sea in Blox Fruits represents the pinnacle of your adventurous journey, filled with some of the most challenging and rewarding areas in the game. This sea is accessible only to players who have achieved level 1500 or higher, marking it as a territory for the truly dedicated. Here, we delve into the seven main areas of the Third Sea, each with unique characteristics and requirements, ensuring your journey continues to be as thrilling as it is challenging.


Port Town

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1500
  • Description: As the primary hub in the Third Sea, Port Town is where your new adventures begin. It's a bustling location, teeming with opportunities and quests.

Hydra Island

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1575
  • Directions: Set sail northeast from the docks of Port Town to reach Hydra Island. Known for its formidable challenges, it's a test of your skills and strategies.

Great Tree

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1700
  • Directions: Positioned opposite Hydra Island, the Great Tree is visible from the docks. This majestic location is not just a sight to behold but a place of great trials.

Floating Turtle

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1775
  • Directions: This unique location lies to the north of the western part of the Great Tree area. The Floating Turtle offers a unique environment and distinct challenges.

Castle on the Sea

  • Level Entry Requirements: Open to all levels
  • Directions: Journey northwest from the docks of Port Town to discover the Castle on the Sea. This iconic structure stands as a testament to the mysteries and legends of the Third Sea.

Haunted Castle

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 1975
  • Directions: Northward from the Castle on the Sea lies the Haunted Castle, a place shrouded in mystery and danger, offering some of the most intense challenges in the game.

Sea of Treats

  • Level Entry Requirements: Level 2075
  • Directions: Head north from the Great Tree to find the Sea of Treats, a location that promises both delights and unexpected challenges.


The Third Sea is the ultimate test of your skills and perseverance in Blox Fruits. Each location brings its own set of unique and challenging experiences, ensuring that your journey remains as exciting as ever. Whether you're battling formidable foes or uncovering ancient secrets, the Third Sea holds the key to becoming a legend in the world of Blox Fruits.





As we conclude our comprehensive journey through the Roblox Blox Fruit Map, it’s clear that each sea - the First, Second, and Third - offers its own unique blend of challenges, adventures, and treasures. From the starting points in the Old World to the enigmatic realms of the Third Sea, this guide aims to be your steadfast companion, illuminating paths and unraveling the mysteries of each island and location. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, remember that every island has its story, and every journey brings new experiences. So, set sail with confidence, explore with curiosity, and conquer the seas of Blox Fruits!

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