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Best Jett Updrafts For Lotus

Best Jett Updrafts For Lotus
Written by: Weeii

Mastering the intricacies of each agent is key to securing victory on the battlefield. One such agent, the high-flying, blade-wielding Jett, possesses a unique set of abilities that, when used correctly, can deliver devastating blows to the enemy team. Among her abilities is Updraft, a vertical mobility tool that allows Jett to access unprecedented lines of sight, bypass obstacles, and surprise her opponents from above.


This guide will delve into the best Updraft spots for Jett in Lotus. You'll discover not just the most advantageous spots, but also learn the correct timings, best tactics, and optimal scenarios to use these spots to maximum effect. Whether you're a seasoned Jett player looking to up your game, or a newcomer eager to harness her vertical prowess, this comprehensive guide is your ticket to becoming an airborne menace in Valorant.



Jett - Updrafts 


When choosing an updraft spot, there will be many different usages for it. Such as gaining information or looking for a pick with your knives (ultimate) that allows you to be mobile and land shots. There are also attacking and defensive spots as in attacking you will be able to more likely score unpredictable kills while in defensive spots you will be looking to gain numbers advantage or gather information. Here you will find the best mixture that combines all of these aspects together, for the best Jett updrafts coming your way: 


What Does It Cover: This updraft will give you direct line of sight to anyone playing on A site. That is excluding in the middle of site and between obstacles.

When To Use It: Best used as a retake scenario as it helps you get picks with your ultimate or gather information on the enemy’s position.

What Makes It Good: When you are playing a retake enemies will be overwhelmed giving you an advantage using this spot to win fights.


Simply come towards A heaven CT and double updraft to this corner. Enjoy your free kills. 


What Does It Cover: This unique updraft spot will give you direct line of sight to anyone on CT towards C or B site. This excludes anyone who is close enough to be out of your line of sight.

When To Use It: Best used if you flank enemies and take control of A lobby as it allows you to expand into getting safe kills or just gather information on where enemies are headed.

What Makes It Good: The fact that this updraft helps you earn kills but in a safe manner where you can back away and possibly have a low risk peek.


Simply come to A lobby and double updraft to get your fight through this window high up in the air will the fight will be all at your advantage. 


What Does It Cover: With a direct vision to any retaking defender coming from A heaven, you will be able to excel with this updraft spot.

When To Use It: Best used as a postplant mechanism to defenders that are coming to retake site as it allows you to break their lines and score easy kills.

What Makes It Good: It is at a very unusual spot giving you every advantage you might need to win your fights.


Simply come on top of the wooden boxes on site and as you hear enemies come your way from Heaven, double updraft to get to this angle. 


What Does It Cover: This updraft will give you a stricted line of sight to the default planting spot on B.

When To Use It: When enemies are planting on B site in this specific spot, you will be able to use it to get off with a few free kills safely.

What Makes It Good: This is a one way fight, meaning enemies will more than likely not be able to trade you or kill you at that spot.


Simply come through B link and double updraft to this little window. Easy kills for you! 


What Does It Cover: This updraft will give you vision to anyone peeking out of C long. This excludes enemies who went towards the right corner or hill.

When To Use It: Best used to counter aggressive peekers especially those who do so with an operator.

What Makes It Good: It often is a one way fight rewarding you with an easy kill because of your up high position.


Simply come over and use this box/wall as a leverage to updraft and earn your kill. 


What Does It Cover: Onto post plant C this will give you instant vision to anyone rotating from CT. This excludes anyone on waterfall so be aware.

When To Use It: If you have obtained control of C site and you are in need to get more picks (player disadvantage for example) this will be a perfect time to utilize this spot.

What Makes It Good: The fact that it is almost impossible to predict which will leave you fighting enemies with their knife out. 


Simply come over to CT and double updraft to get to this spot. Easy kills for you! 


What Does It Cover: This updraft will help you counter the retake coming from Waterfall. This excludes anyone pushed out to site from CT.

When To Use It: Best used as a post plant scenario where you plan to weaken the enemy lines coming at you.

What Makes It Good: The fact that enemies will have so many corners to check will give you an immediate advantage taking this fight. 


Simply come behind the wooden box on C site and updraft whenever you deem it fit to do so. This will help you get easy picks if you pick the right timing! 

Pro Tips 


  • Always ask your teammates for help when using such updrafts as flashes, baits or even sage wall boosts can help you immensely to get your job done.

  • When your ultimate is not online, it is still viable to perform any of the previous updrafts but for a different purpose as you see fit. If that meant gaining information, depending on the scenario that could be a good play.

  • Make sure to not immediately updraft at a certain spot after popping your ultimate, as if you do so enemies might expect it since most players activate their ultimate and updraft right away. Instead, activate your ultimate at the start of the round to give yourself a room of unpredictability.

  • Keep in mind that enemies can hear your updraft in certain spots if you are not too far away from them, thus, making it harder for you to get the kill but it still is an advantage to your position as they need to react.

  • By bolding “space” you will enable Jett’s passive ability which makes you float in the air. This can be beneficial in scenarios where you need more time to hit your target, so you can float instead of falling right down after your updraft. However, this also makes you more vulnerable to utilize it well
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