The 10 Best Valorant Players in 2022

The 10 Best Valorant Players in 2022
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Though Riot Games’ Valorant has only been out for a little over a year, Valorant is one of the most played multiplayer games in the world. In the last year, many pro players switched from other shooters like CS:GO and Overwatch to start their careers in Valorant. Many found success, but few reached the top of the competitive scene. Today we're looking at the 10 best Valorant players in 2022!



1. cNed


cNed is, without a doubt, the best Valorant player right now. He won the most important VALORANT tournament of 2021 - Valorant Champions. He is one of the best duelists in the world and probably the best Jett player in the scene. You are unable to challenge him. Teams would create strategies based on avoiding cNed.


You're out of business if cNed can get an Operator. The game is over unless you devise a solution to deal with him. Staying away from him or using an absurd amount of utility to clear out any areas he might be hiding in is usually the best solution. Any player who makes entire teams devise defensive strategies to avoid him deserves to be near the top of any player list.



2. nAts



nAts is categorized as a "support" player. He revolutionized the controller role and created a lot of setups that most teams adapted and are still using today. He is also one of the most clutch players with an incredibly high win rate in 2v1 or 3v1 situations. Although he primarily plays Cypher and Viper, he is a constant top performer.



3. TenZ



TenZ is one of the most talented Valorant players in the world. He's one of those players who can change the outcome of a round and even a game by himself. Sentinels became the first super team in Valorant history due to his addiction to the team. He dominated the North American scene last year and is considered by many the best Jett player in North America.


Before joining the Valorant team, TenZ was a promising professional Counter-Strike player. He has received a lot of praise for his game-changing plays, accuracy, and awareness. He is without one of the best duelists in the professional scene right now and has led his team to multiple victories.



4. Aspas



The 19-years-old prodigy from Brazil is one of the best players in Brazil. He joined LOUD only this February but already helped the team to qualify for both Masters this season. In Iceland, the Brazilian team reached the final. At that event, aspas was in the top 5 players from the whole event. LOUD secured the spot for Champions 2022, so we will still see aspas in the case this year.





5. Ardiis



The 24-years-old player made tremendous progress this season. Last December, he joined FunPlus Phoenix, and his first matches started proving his strength. Under the leadership of ANGE1, ardiis and FPX won the first EMEA Challengers, but due to problems with COVID and visas, they missed Masters 1 in Iceland.


But later, they managed to qualify again for LAN-event, Masters 2 in Copenhagen. Despite playing with a stand-in, FPX made a playoffs appearance. In the lower bracket, the team did a miracle run and won all matches, including the final against Paper Rex with a score of 3:2. ardiis, personally, was one of the best players at this event. 



6. f0rsakeN



The 18-year-old player from Indonesia, f0rsakeN, won the hearts of many fans worldwide. At such a young age, this guy is one of the best players in the world at the moment. Although he does not play in the planet’s most substantial region, the APAC, his Paper Rex team, is one of the best.


At last Masters in Copenhagen, Paper Rex finished in 2nd place, lost only against FPX in the grand final. f0rsakeN also is one of the best Yoru players at this moment in VALORANT.




7. Derke



Fanatic Nikita Derke is one of the standouts of 2022. During Valorant's First International LAN Event at Masters Reykjavik, he had an incredible run with Fanatic, finishing second behind Sentinels. Derke had the third-highest average Combat Score (ACS) of 260.4, which is a remarkable achievement considering Fnatic had the most rounds at Masters Reykjavik.


At Valorant Champions, he proved to be a vital piece to the Fnatic tournament run. 



8. yay



One more Masters winner finds his place at our top. yay from OpTic is considered one of the best Chamber players in the world. Thanks to his performances on this agent, the North American team qualified both times for International LAN-events. At one of them, in Iceland, OpTic took the trophy.



9. ScreaM



Before switching to Valorant, ScreaM was one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world. He had one of the highest headshot ratios in Counter-Strike history and continues to demonstrate his skill in Valorant. With ten years of CS: GO experience, he has quickly risen to become one of Europe's best duelists.



10. Shao



The teammate of ardiis, Shao, also deserves to be on that list. His contribution to the team’s victory in Copenhagen is significant. He is the best clutch player of Masters 2. He has one of the broadest pools of agents in the world. At the last event, Andrey played on six different agents, starting from Sage, and ending Fade.


A website THESPIKE.GG named him an MVP of VCT 2022 Masters 2 Copenhagen.


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