Valorant Fracture Map Callouts Guide (with images)

Valorant Fracture Map Callouts Guide (with images)
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

Fracture was the latest addition to the Valorant map pool. It's still a map a lot of pro teams are trying to perfect and new strategies are always coming up.


Some teams and players consider Fracture a very attacking map. However, others think the map leans more to the defensive side. 


Its gimmick is the two attackers spawn, one on each side of the map. 



These are all the default and basic callouts on Fracture. However, this image doesn't show you some of the most used callouts in ranked.


If you want to learn how to play Fracture check out our VALORANT Map Guide Fracture.


So let's take a deep dive and see the most used and detailed callouts on Fracture. 




A Bombsite Callouts on Fracture



Top Site:

While on Top Site you can see A main, A drop, A link, and A long. It provides you with some cover, and it's easy to reposition to the bottom site. You can also plant the spike on the top site. It has a lot of different plant locations.



Stairs connect to the top Site.


Bottom Site:

Just like top site you can see to A main, A drop, A link, and A long, although you cant see as much as on top site, and have to expose yourself more than on top Site. The pillar on bottom site also offers you cover, however, it's difficult to reposition from the bottom site. It's used as the most common plant spot since you can plant for A main, A link, and A drop, giving you a lot of different ways to play the post-plant. 




A Main:

A Main is the main entrance for the A bombsite for the attackers, as well as the shortest path to. It's used as a very common post-plant position as well.


A short:

It's the shortest path to the bombsite. In short, you can also use the rope and get to the defender's spawn. It's a very common post-plant position since it allows you to see and hear the players that are coming from the defender's spawn. 


A Link:

Connects the defender's spawn to the A bombsite. It's the shortest and main way for the defenders to reach the bombsite. 



It's the only entrance from that side of the map that connects to the A bombsite. From Heaven, you can see to A main, A Short, and to the bombsite. 



B Bombsite Callouts on Fracture



B Main:

Connects to B long and it's the main entrance to the A bombsite. The ultimate orb is also placed on B Main.


B Long: 

Connects to the B bombsite. It's the main path to the B bombsite and the one that offers immediate access to the plant zone. 


Double Box:

It gives you some cover and allows you to see who enters from B long while still being safe. It's also a very common plant spot.



Connects to the B Link. It provides you great coverage while allowing you to see to the bombsite, and to B Long. It's also used as a retake position.


B Canteen:

Connects to the defender's spawn. Allows you to see the players that enter from B Long while having a really good angle for them. 




It connects both sides of the B bombsite. 



Connects to the attacker's spawn. From Bench, you can see to tower, arcade, and underpass.



It's used as a very forward defense position. The boxes offer you cover, and you can watch Bench and underpass from there.



Tower connects to the B bombsite plant area. From Tower you can see to Bench. It allows you to peak and reposition to safety in an easy and fast way. 

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