How to Convert Your Sensitivity to Valorant from CSGO, Overwatch, Warzone, and more!

How to Convert Your Sensitivity to Valorant from CSGO, Overwatch, Warzone, and more!
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Valorant is one of the most popular tactical FPS games available to play right now, and everybody wants a taste. Of course, most Valorant players also want to try out a variety of other games available to them. So, in this article, we’ll be covering how you can convert your sensitivity from Valorant to games such as Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty Warzone, Rainbow Six Siege, and Overwatch!


Convert CSGO Sensitivity to Valorant:

To convert Valorant sensitivity to CSGO sensitivity is quite simple and there are a couple of ways you can do this.


The first and easiest way is to manually divide your CSGO sensitivity by 3.18. This will give you an accurate sensitivity conversion that you should be using in Valorant.


Another way is to use the Valorant Sensitivity conversion online platform. It’s free to use and it’s extremely simple, you just type the game you want to convert your sensitivity to and it will do it automatically for you. 




The third and most accurate way is to download Aim Lab. Aim Lab is a free aim training game that you can download off of Steam. Head up to your control settings in Aim Lab, and set your ‘Game Profile’ to Valorant. From there, you can now add your Valorant sensitivity to the Hipfire Settings. Now, all you have to do is switch the ‘Game Profile’ to CSGO and have your sensitivity converted! 


Please note that games such as CSGO, Team Fortress 2, Gary’s Mod, Apex Legends, Titanfall 2 are built on the same type of engine, so they will have the same sensitivity measurements.


If you’ve found your sensitivity in CSGO, you can use the same sensitivity in Apex Legends and the other games we’ve mentioned above. You can use any of the methods mentioned previously to also convert your sensitivity from those games to Valorant sensitivity, and it will work just as well. 



Convert Overwatch Sensitivity to Valorant:

Overwatch is one of the games that inspired the development of Valorant a lot, and the game has managed to retain its player base for a while. If you’re a Valorant player looking to try out Overwatch, here are a few ways you can convert Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch sensitivity settings!


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The first and simplest method is to divide your Overwatch sensitivity by 10.6 and you will get your Valorant sensitivity fixed to perfection. However, if you’re looking to convert your Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch, you can head up to Aiming.Pro, as it is one of the most reliable sensitivity converters that you will find around the web.


Aim Lab can also be used to convert Valorant sensitivity to Overwatch sensitivity and vice versa as it has Overwatch as one of the most popular aim training options that you can use. Just use the above-mentioned method that we specified and you’ll be good to go!


Convert Rainbow Six Siege Sensitivity to Valorant:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a much harder game to quantify in terms of sensitivity conversion. To convert Valorant sensitivity to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity, you would first have to disable the advanced sensitivity settings inside of Rainbow Six Siege.


This will make sure that your sensitivity settings are going to be adjusted for all magnification levels, making the process much easier to edit. Now, the easiest and very accurate way to convert Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity to Valorant sensitivity is to divide your Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity by 12.2. 


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Moreover, you can use platforms such as Aiming.Pro or mostly any Valorant sensitivity converter to convert Valorant sensitivity to Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity. However, Rainbow Six Siege heavily relies on aiming down sights and controlling recoil, so we suggest you try out different sensitivity settings for each scope and find what you’re most comfortable with.


Though, if you’re looking for a much quicker and simpler way to do that, Aim Lab is the way to go. It is the best option that can be used to convert Valorant sensitivity settings to Rainbow Six Siege. Not only does it convert your hipfire sensitivity, but it will also automatically convert your aiming down sights sensitivity to your Valorant sensitivity, making the process completely streamlined. 


Convert Call of Duty Warzone sensitivity to Valorant:


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Call of Duty sensitivity is perhaps the easiest to convert from Valorant. The simplest method can be to divide your COD sensitivity by 10.59, and you will get a fairly accurate sensitivity change. You can also use other methods such as the above-mentioned Valorant Sensitivity Converter and Aiming.Pro if you want more accuracy. Aim Lab is however the most accurate option for players, it will convert your sensitivity to pinpoint accuracy. 

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