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Valorant FOV Explained and Best Settings (2023)

Valorant FOV Explained and Best Settings (2023)
Written by: Hero

A gamer of the first-person shooter genre, such as Valorant, would probably understand the importance of Field of View and the difficulty it brings. A good FOV when it comes to FPS games can be the difference between winning and losing. Furthermore, a suitable FOV also makes playing more enjoyable. 
Best FOV can only be determined by personal preference as there is no ideal setting. The field of view in Valorant is not adjustable, unlike other FPS games, and has a fixed FOV maximum of 103. But there is a way for you to change the FOV if you own an NVIDIA graphics card and enjoy low FOV.

In this article, we will discuss what Valorant FOV is, its pros and cons, and how to change it. Let's get right to it!



What is Valorant FOV? 


FOV refers to the term 'Field of View'. FOV enlarges the scope of your view by increasing the distance between the player model and the screen. In simple terms, a higher FOV means you will get more information just by looking at the screen, while on the other hand, a low FOV means that the surrounding environment is zoomed in, and only objects nearby enter your field of vision immediately. 

You can adjust the field of view in many games, and many of them have in-game settings that allow you to do that. However, in Valorant it is not possible to do that. It isn't easy to change this parameter in this game, and you need to jump through hurdles to do it.


fov example



Valorant FOV Pros and Cons

According to the PC gaming myth, a wide field of view helps you spot incoming enemies easier in FPS games because you can see the whole area at once. However, high FOV comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

  • Targeting becomes more difficult with a high FOV. Because the enemies on the screen are smaller when the FOV is wider, you need to be more precise to hit them.
  •  You can focus better with a low FOV. You can more easily focus on the target since everything on the screen is bigger.



How to Change Valorant FOV Settings

Valorant's FOV can be altered for NVIDIA users without any problems, but not for AMD users. The default FOV of 103 looked decent enough to be overlooked but some users like to play at a lower FOV. But, as long as you are used to playing 4:3, it will reduce your horizontal visibility and make tracking targets simpler. 

For NVIDIA cards, here are the steps to change the Valorant field of view:

  • Go to your Desktop Screen and Right-click on it
  • From the menu select Nvidia Control Panel
  • Then go to the Display tab
  • Find ‘’Adjust Desktop Size and Position’’ and click on it
  • Choose Aspect Ratio and select 4:3. Moreover, you can stretch the resolution by selecting Scaling instead of Aspect Ratio.
  • You should now see a smaller field of view and black bars in Valorant when you turn it on.





It is a good thing for NVIDIA card owners because they can tweak Valorant FOV. However, it would be a wise decision to get used to the 16:9 for AMD users because for now, they don't have an option to change Valorant FOV. Hopefully, this article clarifies the details of Valorant FOV for you. 

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