What does Diff, Smurf, Boosted and Whiff mean in Valorant?

What does Diff, Smurf, Boosted and Whiff mean in Valorant?
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These terms players use very often. They help to give a quick and clear assessment about players, who are playing with you in a team.



What does “diff” mean in VALORANT?


The term "diff" stands for "difference". Players use this term when they want to compare other players playing on the same agents. As example, Reyna in your team took 1st place, enemy’s Reyna took 4th place in scoreboard. Then you can write in  chat “Reyna diff”, thereby emphasizing the difference in performance of two Reyna’s.



What does "smurf" mean in VALORANT?


Smurf is the second account in a game, on which pro players just chilling, even not tryhard in matchmaking. Also, people creating second accounts to play with friends, if they have big difference in ranks.


Just like boosted players, smurfs distort gameplay. High rank players will confidently win against low rank, therefore, they prevent them from developing and playing against "their rank".




What does "boosted" mean in VALORANT? 


It’s a term, which players using when they want to characterize another player. In general, boosted players used the services of other players who helped them to increase the rank on their accounts. These players have high rank, but their skill doesn’t match with it.


This phenomenon negatively affects the gameplay. The so-called boosted players interfere with the play of those who have reached their rank on their own. Because of this, they are not loved.



What does "whiff" mean in VALORANT?


Whiff or choke is the term, which people using when they want to note players, who sometimes missing shots. As an example, you see the back of the enemy, which mean that you have “free” kill, but you’re missing your shots, and opponent kill you. Your teammates can react “choke” or “whiff” in the chat.


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