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How to change your Email in Valorant

How to change your Email in Valorant
Written by: carrico14
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Riot Games is not a new company in the online gaming space. Ever since the release of League of Legends, they have shown mastery over multiplayer game development.


Sure, they have had a few hiccups from time to time, but we believe that their solid experience in the past decade has given them enough knowledge of the issues players want to resolve. 

In terms of customer support, Riot has translated its prowess into its newest title, Valorant. This game is one that has a lot of properly built elements, culminating it into one of the best FPS shooters in recent memory.



Today, there are many online games that require players to provide an email address before they’re allowed to make an account and access the game. Such is the case with Riot Games, creators of Valorant. 

The game requires players to first link their email addresses before they are able to make a Riot account. This process is usually pretty smooth and your regular email address should help you sort things out through the process.


However, there are some cases where a player could change their mind due to one circumstance or another and wish to use a different email for their Valorant account.


If you’ve never really found a reason to change your email address, here are a few worth considering:


  • If your current email address is compromised due to hackers
  • If your current email address has too many inboxes
  • If your current email address belongs to your school or workplace



How to Change your Valorant email address


If you’re someone that is considering making a change to the email used for Valorant, then you’ll need to do a few things. First, you must go to the Riot Games sign-in page and put in a verification code.


This code is then sent to your email address for security confirmation. So, in order to get the code, log in to your email and copy the verification number, then paste it into the slot indicated on the confirmation page.

Once you’ve logged in, there will be a full-page displaying details for your account. On this page, you’ll want to click on the edit icon on the right side of your email, and fill in a new email address that you’d like to use. Additionally, you should also fill in the confirmation box with your new email address added to it.



Log in to your new email address and check for the verification email sent by Riot Games. Here, you should see a new mail in your inbox asking you to verify the new email address for Valorant.


Now you’ll need to open Valorant and log in to your account as the new email is linked to it. Make sure to check that you’re using the new email address as the old one will cease to work after replacing it.

Once you’ve logged in, the work is done and you can now enjoy your time playing Valorant with a completely new email address.


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