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How Case Esports Plays Ascent

How Case Esports Plays Ascent
Image Credit: Case
Written by: ar1essss
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Case Esports is one of the best teams as a result of VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 1. Started their way from closed qualifier, they managed to reach the final where lost against Rebels Gaming. Case Esports is remembered for playing on the Ascent map. In total, they have played six matches and all of them have won. Let’s see how Case Esports Plays Ascent.




It’s a unique pick for Ascent. Only Case Esports used this combination of agents during VRL Spain. Overall, they played six Ascent, and won all of them: three on group stage, and three in playoffs.



Most popular pick for Ascent within VRL in Spain: Astra, Sova, Jett, Killjoy and KAY/O.




Pistol Round


Pistol Round is one of the reason of Case’s success on Ascent. The Spanish team played 12 pistol rounds, and lost only one. It was on the first Ascent against KOI.

All the other 11 pistol rounds Case won with confidence.



Pistol round in defense. Omen and Sage - A, Killjoy and Sova - B, Jett is holding mid. A duo is trying to stop A rush, Sova and Killjoy are ready to enemy’s execute, playing passively. Jett is flexible, can help each duo in case.


Round with Wall


Case Esports has an interesting round in their playbook. It was in match against Bisons, the score was 2:2.





  • Killjoy on B
  • Omen short
  • Sova on A
  • Sage launch wall on Pizza
  • Jett on wall holding Top Mid with Operator


The idea of the round - Omen put a smoke on Mid Link, which help him to push catwalk. Jett covers Omen from Pizza. In that round, Case was lucky - the opponent was going to execute A. Instantly, Sage and Sova rotated to Tree. Omen pushed mid, and made the last kill in the round.

Case has played this round more than once in subsequent matches.


Usage of Sage Ult



There’s a reason Case pick Sage. Mainly for the defense she plays on along with Omen, but when she gets an ult, Case plays a round with aggression under B.


As example, round in match against Giants. The score was 6:8, Case played bonus round in defense. Sage had an ult.


Sova with Killjoy on A. Omen is ready to give Paranoia. Sage with Jett are slowly pushing B. If you will be fight, and Jett die, Sage can launch the wall and revive her.


Default setup


2-1-2; 2-3.





Pistol Round


Case using A execute strat in pistol round. Killjoy put a turret, which giving info about mid, then alarmbot for retake situation. Sova throw reveal on A site. Omen put a smoke on the door, then Sage put a wall there. Jett buy Frenzy, and simply putting a cloudburst and dashing there.


If Case understands that they don’t manage to play fast round on A, they just turn around and runs to B, where ends the round.


Execute B



If Case Esports want to execute B, they use this round. All in all, it’s very simple. Jett puts a cloud, dashes and closes the door. Omen puts smokes to CT and door. Sova reveal. Sage launches the wall on the box, and has a good view for the site. 


Sova and Killjoy are trying to push the site through B Line. Omen stays in Main to flash Market in case. 


Case used this round in a match against UCAM Esports, and also in other matches.


Default setup


4-1; 1-3-1.



Case Esports managed to create a unique pick on Ascent, which worked during VRL 2022 Spain: Rising Stage 1, and it certainly deserves respect and mention.

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