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Best Omen One Ways For Sunset

Best Omen One Ways For Sunset
Written by: Weeii

Mastering the intricacies of each agent is key to securing victory on the battlefield. One such agent, the shady fighter, shadow taker Omen, possesses a unique set of abilities that, when used correctly, can scatter the players and control the battlefield all to your advantage. Among his abilities is Dark Cover, a smoke that suppresses vision on a selected area allowing you to benefit from it by taking control and advancing into sites. This guide will delve into the best Smoke One Ways for Omen in Sunset. You'll discover not just the most advantageous spots, but also learn the correct timings, best tactics, and optimal scenarios to use these spots to maximum effect. Whether you're a seasoned Omen player looking to up your game, or a newcomer eager, this comprehensive guide is your ticket to becoming a controller menace in Valorant.


Omen - One Ways 


Utilizing one ways over normal smokes can be detrimental and game-changing as it shifts around how you and the enemy team will approach any area with that smoke included. Using one ways is a much more efficient options in certain spots as it turns it from a 50/50 situation to a 100 to your advantage. Here we will cover attacking and defensive spots, including retakes and specific scenarios with instructions on how to approach it as an omen player. Here you will find the best mixture that combines all of these aspects together:



A Defense


What Does It Cover: This one way on A site will go right on top of the green screen boxes towards A main. It is most efficient to utilize this one way from CT or site towards Default as you can see any enemy crossing it way before they see you.

When To Use It: This is a really good one way to use if you hear steps towards A main, although you will need to cover Elbow but this one way makes it hard for enemies dare cross, even with a flash or a piece of utility it will still grant you advantage in your fights.

What Makes It Good: What makes this one way stand out is that you will most often force enemies to wait it out, unlike normal smokes this is hard to cross and it grants you a huge advantage.



A Post Plant


What Does It Cover: Over to the attacking side you have this beautiful one way that will cover the default box giving you a unique one-way towards anyone coming from CT. Though, note that they can have an angle on you if they walk up towards Elbow while you’re in main.

When To Use It: Best used during attacking scenarios, as this one way will help you secure post plant most often and force enemies out of their comfort zone to take a fight.

What Makes It Good: This one way is especially useful because you can mask it by teleporting on top of the box, this way you can also go for an unexpected play, make sure not to bait your teammates and let them know of your gameplan. 



Mid Bottom


What Does It Cover: This one way towards Mid will cover for anyone trying to go for mid Control, it gives you an advantageous fight ensuring nobody can walk out without being detected first. Especially if you play towards the left side on top mid.

When To Use It: Best used during defensive scenarios where you know enemies are pushing towards Mid, that is often going to happen when they are on an eco round.

What Makes It Good: This smoke is ultimately good because even if enemies burst out quickly out of it you will still be good for a spam, which can be a few free kills at the start of the round. 



Mid Market


What Does It Cover: This one way smoke on Market will ensure that enemies never attempt to take control of this space ever again. It blocks anyone coming through market as you play on B site, defending.

When To Use It: Best used during defensive scenarios where you know enemies are going for a split B push, as this will efficiently block any mid-execute.

What Makes It Good: If enemies push through market, you can see them long before they swing, and the mid wall on Mid is fully penetrable so that gives you a 100% chance to get a free frag on anyone playing there.





What Does It Cover: Over to B site attacking side, this one way will put you in an advantage if you fight anyone playing from CT as they cannot cross without being seen first by anyone holding from back site.

When To Use It: Best used during attacking scenarios, more specifically post plant if you have back site control.

What Makes It Good: It is a good smoke because you could also make plays around it, not only do you slow people on CT but you could fake TP and confuse enemies whether you’re in the smoke or not.

Pro Tips 


  • It is entirely up to preference, but pressing “R” will shift the view in your smoke ability to be in the real map, making it easier to identify and tell where your smokes are getting placed. You can always switch between these two options for what suits you best.

  • Using one ways means you are looking to turn that smoke from a cover to a possible fight. Only that you will have every advantage in that fight, meaning if you ever use a one way you should definitely watch over it and take control of that space unlike regular smokes that you use to deny enemies.

  • There is a green arrow when you are using your smoke that refers to where your ability is going to be casted, following the instructions and that arrow you will be even able to create any smoke as long as you can identify where it is going to be placed.

  • Remember that each one way has an advantageous and disadvantage side, meaning if you are to place a one way as an attacker, this means if you ever end up repositioning to the spot you smoked you will be the one at a disadvantage, always make sure you are on the right side doing the right play.

  • By placing your smokes higher it will take more time for it to float down and reach the supposed area, this allows you to create some creative and unique plays if you wish to do so.


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