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How to Surrender or Forfeit in Valorant

How to Surrender or Forfeit in Valorant
Written by: qasali038

If you're playing one of those matches in Valorant where you just have to jump out of it, whether it's due to excessive ping, AFK teammates, or opponent smurfs.


Valorant, luckily, provides you the opportunity to surrender or forfeit the game immediately. In Valorant, you can surrender in both unrated and competitive games. We're here to assist you if you're unsure how to surrender or forfeit in Valorant.




In this article, we'll teach you how to use Valorant's surrender vote to terminate the game immediately.



How to Surrender or Forfeit in Valorant


You must first start the surrender voting in Valorant before you can successfully surrender. In Valorant, there are 2 ways to start a surrender voting.



First Method


The first method to surrender in Valorant is by using the main menu entry, which is a rather simple way to terminate a match. If you've decided to abandon the ongoing game, follow the actions described below.




  • Press the "Escape" key to access the game's main menu.


  • Underneath the team scores, check for the button "surrender match" in the main menu.


  • When you press the button, the system will activate the voting mechanism, which will allow you to "surrender" the battle.


  • If all other teammates vote yes on your surrender voting, the game will be completed.


It's worth noting that the surrender voting can't be initiated until the eighth round. Furthermore, in Unrated, 80 percent of the team must accept to surrender alongside you, which is 4 out of 5 participants in a full team. In rated or ranked games, all participants must accept to surrender.



Second Method


The second method to surrender in Valorant is to use the message box. Simply hit "Enter" to bring up the message box and write any one of the commands given below:




  • /ff


  • /concede


  • /surrender


  • /forfeit


Each of these commands will tell your team that you intend to surrender, and they will have the choice to accept or decline the surrender by pressing the F5 or F6 buttons. They could also use the /yes and /no commands in the conversation box.



Consequences of Surrender in a Ranked Match


Because of the loss of MMR Points, the repercussions of conceding a ranking game are far more severe than those of an ordinary game. Before quitting a competitive game, you and your teammates must realize the consequences.


Surrendering a rated game might just save your time, but it also means you'll lose MMR points. When compared to a lost match, this loss of points is greater. As a result, finishing a rated match is preferable to surrendering the match.




Tips for Minimizing Valorant Surrenders


  • Form a five-stack arrangement with buddies or join in pairs for a Valorant Game.


  • Try to play in a way that suits all team players preferred style of play.


  • Make use of your channel of communication, whether it's a microphone or a chat. Communication with your team is important.


  • If at all feasible, assist your teammates in purchasing guns.


  • During the purchasing round, coordinate map positions with your colleagues to effectively maintain site control.


  • Instead of participating in a verbal battle, avoid being toxic and ask the new teammate to act kindly.



How to Remake in Valorant


If you come across a situation where your teammate left the game too early, you might want to n remake the match and save yourself from defeat. For this, you can check out our How to Remake in Valorant guide.

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