Phoenix Valorant Guide

Phoenix Valorant Guide
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Written by: ar1essss

Phoenix Valorant guide that will explain everything you need to know about the Agent and the best way to play with it. From his strengths to weaknesses, you will find everything you need to know about Phoenix.


Phoenix is one of the six available Duelists in the game. The Agent was added to the game from Beta.



Phoenix role


Every Agent in the game has a role, and Phoenix is Duelist. His abilities allow you to make a lot of kills, drag a team on him. That is, he is the main firepower of his team, and his teammates should "play for him."





  • Ability type: Basic
  • Function: Heal / Blocking Vision
  • Credits: 200
  • Uses: 1


Blaze is primarily a Vision Blocker ability that Phoenix must equip before casting. A Vision Blocker is a type of ability that blocks the line of sight of an area on the map.


The wall can be set as completely straight, and with the help of the mouse, make it point to the right or left. The length of the wall can be from 5 to 24 meters. Any obstacle, such as a wall, can make it shorter. Enemies that touch the edges of the fire wall in any way take damage: 30 per second; Total 225-240.



And on the Phoenix itself, this wall works exactly the opposite. When he stands under her, she heals him: 6.25 per second; Total 50 ticks.


This wall also deals damage to Phoenix's allies if they touch it. The duration of the ability is 8 seconds.





  • Ability type: Basic
  • Function: Flash
  • Credits: 250
  • Uses: 2


Curveball is a Blind ability that Phoenix must equip before casting. A Blind is a type of ability that negatively affects an agent's vision, temporarily limiting what they are able to see in front of them.



During casting, Phoenix throws the flare ball, which, when exploded, blinds all who see it. Phoenix can use Primary and Alt Fire to control the direction the orb curves in; Primary Fire curves the orb to the left and Alt Fire curves the orb to the right.

Max blind duration - 1.1 second.



Hot Hands


  • Ability type: Signature
  • Function: Molotov / Heal
  • Uses: 1
  • Restock: 2 kills


Hot Hands is primarily a Deterrent ability that Phoenix must equip before casting. A Deterrent is a type of ability which is used to flush enemies out of positions by threatening to kill them if they attempt to stay in that location.


During casting, Phoenix picks up a fireball, which he can throw. Phoenix can use Primary and Alt Fire to control the length of the throw; Primary Fire throws the fireball at long range, whilst Alt Fire throws it at short range.



If the orb is in the air for more than 1.5 seconds, it will immediately drop and activate. When the sphere touches the surface, a puddle with a radius of 5 meters will appear. If an opponent or ally of the Phoenix steps on it, they will take damage: 60 per second. If Phoenix steps on it, then he will restore his health: 12.5 per second.


In total, Hot Hands last four seconds.



Run It Back


  • Ability type: Ultimate
  • Function: Revive
  • Ult Points: 6


Run It Back is a Sustain ability that Phoenix can instantly use. Upon doing so, he will place a marker at his current location and his body will be outlined with flames.


A Sustain tool is a type of ability that allows agents to replenish their health after taking damage. 



Activating Run It Back gains a second life for ten seconds. During the duration of the ultimate, the body of the Phoenix will be highlighted. If Phoenix is killed during the action of the ultimate, or vice versa, he does not die in 10 seconds, then he will return to the place where he activated Run It Back. Regardless of how much health he had in the last second of the ultimate, he will respawn with 100 hp and no armor.



How to play on Phoenix


Phoenix is a duelist, so his main task is to supply teammates with kills. Phoenix players are one of the main strengths of any team. As a rule, Phoenix is used as a second duelist, who will help the main duelist with the second wave of attack.




Phoenix weakness


Phoenix is currently one of the weakest duelists in the game. This happened due to the fact that Jett and Reyna are stronger in skills than Phoenix. They have more survivability, mobility, and invulnerability than Phoenix. Teams play mainly with only one duelist, since this is enough, and allows you to take more useful agents in terms of tactics.


And yet, as for me, his ultimate is rather weak. If the Phoenix was killed, and the opponents know where he will respawn, then he will be killed very easily. Also, when he revives, he loses armor. That is, it makes no sense to use it in those rounds in which Phoenix has full armor.


I hope this guide helped you understand how you should utilize Phoenix to the best of your abilities. His strengths, weaknesses, and how you can find the most value with him in the attacking and defensive side.


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