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Why These 5 Agents are Trending in Pro Play

Why These 5 Agents are Trending in Pro Play
Written by: GreenMcqueen

Valorant pros hold a secret knowledge. As they’ve played Valorant for thousands of hours, they know the strongest agents and pick them in pro play. Let’s see what these are.





how to play killjoy valorant


She can do anything. Killjoy is one of the most versatile agents whose kit suits various scenarios. But arguably, she’s strongest at site-holding.


To control infiltrators, Killjoy uses:

  • Alarmbot – once deployed, covers a circular area. When enemies enter it, a bot will inform you and start attacking;
  • Turret – an auto-shooting turret that deals moderate in a 180-degree cone;
  • Nanoswarm – a Molotov-like grenade that can be deployed and activated anytime.


With these 3 skills, a single agent can control 3 site entrances. Who can do it better? Yes, Cypher has similar capabilities, but they’re less effective and harder to utilize.


One of the most famous Killjoy players is FNS. He has claimed it’s his favorite agent after its release and has continued playing it. 





1688460399 valorant agent jett


Wind boosts her agility. Jet uses its flows to abruptly dash up and to any side. It makes her great in defense and offense as she can quickly take the high ground and change positions.

On top of that, she has a smoke. It’s her E ability, an obscure whirlwind sphere that Jet can launch in an arc trajectory. She can use it to cover unexpected angles.


And as a compliment to Jet’s movement and a tactical sphere, Riot gave her a Blade Storm

ultimate. It equips Jet 5 with deadly kunai. She can fire them separately or all at once, and if they kill, her kunai replenish.


A Brazilian player, Aspas, a Leviatan team member, is a top Jet. He has played around 150 games with her in eSports and got a solid 1.24 rating. Aspas is your opportunity to win.You can bet on eSports here and find bookies with the best odds, giving you the highest multiplier on Aspas win. Wait till he picks a jet, and bet in live for easy cash.





1679409043 valorant viper guide


Her weapon is venom. Viper can plant chemical lines that cut off a solid map part. In addition, she throws poison clouds. They function as smoke grenades, dealing damage to enemies. 

Viper’s ultimate is a diverse tool for securing any map area. It creates a huge gas cloud. Nor can your teammates or enemies see what’s inside. Once anyone besides Viper enters a cloud, they take damage over time and have reduced vision. 


On the other hand, the smoke cloud boosts Viper. It doesn’t deal damage to her and highlights all the enemies inside. A cloud becomes a shooting range for you.


One of the most iconic Viper players is Dapr, currently on the Oxygen Team. With his Viper plays, he secured several VCT events, winning $120,000+.





At last, we have a purely offensive agent on the list. KAY/O’s kit screams, “Attack!” One of its tools is a slow, overhand flash grenade. As a result, KAY/O can easily throw it, so it explodes a millisecond after enemies can see it. They have no time to react.


And even if they wanted to react, they couldn’t. KAY/O’s second ability throws out a dagger which suppresses all the enemies in the huge radius. For those who don’t know, suppression disables all the abilities and prevents players from casting.


KAY/O can also suppress his opponents with his X skill. When used, KAY/O starts pulsing with large blasts of suppressing energy. Moreover, when he is killed during his ultimate active, KAY/O is downed with 850 HP. His teammates can resurrect him.


Victor is one of those players who has shown the effectiveness of KAY/O in eSports. He did it in the OpTic Gaming roster. But now, he keeps dominating the pro scene with an NRG Team.





r681196_1296x729_16 9


Last but not least, we have Sova. This blonde scout knows how to find and smoke out his opponents. His bow helps him.


He uses it to launch a shock bolt, which Sova can explode on landing or let it bounce from up to 2 surfaces. It’s perfect for killing/damaging opponents. But before, find them.


To do it, Sova uses a recon bolt, which can also bounce or impact on landing. It highlights enemies around it. If you don’t want to reveal your position by firing an arrow, you can do it with a drone. It can fly anywhere and shoot a dart into the enemy to highlight him.


Sacy is the one who utilizes Sova’s kit the best. Until the end of 2022, he had been doing that with Team Vikings and LOUD teams. But now, he’s with Sentinels. 


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