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The Best Sage Walls on Icebox

The Best Sage Walls on Icebox
Written by: carrico14

Sage is one of the most useful and easy to play sentinels on Valorant. If you want to learn how to play Sentinel Sage is the easiest agent to start with. 


On Icebox, she is a must-pick Agent, especially because of her wall, which allows her to make it safer for her allies to plant the spike, and also gain control of some areas of the map by closing some entrances. 


You have multiple walls on Icebox that can help you slow the enemy's rushes, gain control of the map, or just make it easier for your teammates to plant without being exposed.


Without further ado, let's see what Sage best walls on Icebox are.  




Sage Walls on Icebox A Bombsite


Sage Plant Wall A site


Sage A Bombsite Atack Wall Icebox


Sage A Bombsite Atack Wall Icebox 1


The most commonly used plant wall in the A site of Icebox. With this wall, it's much easier for you to plant the bomb since the wall provides you with cover from the back site. 


It also allows your teammates to easily set up post plant positions, and the spike is planted open which makes it even harder for the enemies to defuse it. 



Sage Back Site Wall 


imagem_2022 05 23_195819110


imagem_2022 05 23_195916853


This wall blocks the back site and makes it harder for the enemy to play retake. It's also easier for you to plant since with this wall your teammates just have to watch rafters and screens. 


While planting you are protected by the wall and the metal structure of the tube. 



Sage screens Wall


imagem_2022 05 23_200328356


imagem_2022 05 23_200416719


With this wall you block the main entrance to the bombsite for the defenders, forcing them to come from the rafters. It gives you control of the majority of the bombsite and makes it even harder for the defenders to retake. 



Sage Orb Wall


Sage A Bombsite defensive Wall orb Icebox


Sage A Bombsite defensive Wall orb Icebox 1


This wall allows you to take orb control, but be careful since the enemy can see you pushing to the orb location from Nest or Belt. However, if there isn't anyone to oppose you there, you just get a free orb and close the main entrance to A site for the enemies. 




Sage Walls on Icebox B Bombsite


Sage B Site Plant Wall


imagem_2022 05 23_201925933


imagem_2022 05 23_202030373


It's the most commonly used plant wall in the B site. This wall is very easy to execute and is very useful, it provides you cover while you plant the spike and makes it impossible for the defenders to see you unless they are on top site. 


With this wall, it's also easier to play post-plant, while the defenders will have a harder time playing retake. 



Sage B Site Under Site Plant Wall


imagem_2022 05 23_202351698


imagem_2022 05 23_202531697


The perfect wall if you want to plant under site since it provides you cover from B orange and mid. It also helps you escape from the under site and assume a better post-plant position. 



Sage Snowman Entrance Wall


imagem_2022 05 23_203229444


imagem_2022 05 23_203337986


A wall that closes the entrance to the B Site from the snowman. It's one of the remaining entrances used by defenders, especially on retake since it allows you to see towards yellow and B Cubby. 


It makes the retake harder and allows your team to set up good and advanced post plant positions. 



Sage Kitchen Wall 


imagem_2022 05 23_203953931


Sage B Bombsite Kitcheen Wall Icebox


By far the most commonly used Sage wall on Icebox. This wall closes the tube entrance for the kitchen, and despite being an okay wall it's not as strong as, so many make it out to be, and you can find much more evaluable on other walls, especially in holding your wall to then play retake. 




Sage Walls on Icebox Mid


Mid to B Wall 


imagem_2022 05 23_204507481


imagem_2022 05 23_204644072


This wall safely allows you and your teammates to pass towards the under tube to the B site while covered from the enemies at mid.



Sage Mid Aggressive Wall


imagem_2022 05 23_204855804


imagem_2022 05 23_204922731


A very aggressive mid-wall that gives you total control of mid and all the information necessary for that part of the map, since it blocks the enemy entrance to the mid, tube, or under tube, giving you almost total control of the region. 

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