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The Best Viper Lineups on Haven

The Best Viper Lineups on Haven
Written by: carrico14
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Despite not being the most used controller Agent in Haven, Viper still has some beneficial walls, poison cloud one-ways, and above all, great lineups.


Her wall is solid on the attacking side since it allows you to block the enemy's vision and enter the bombsite in a safer and easier way. 


However, her wall and poison cloud are also perfect on the defensive side since she alone can lock down one of the sites, making it very hard for the opponents to enter it.


There are plenty of Viper Walls and Poison Clouds you can use on Haven that will give you an advantage over other players. 


But this article will talk about the best Snake Bite lineups on Haven.


Viper is a powerful Agent in the post-plant because of her Snake Bite lineups that can win you a round without having to fire a shot. 


Without further ado, let's see what are the best Viper Lineups on Haven.



Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Haven A Bombsite


Default Plant Snake Bite Lineup


This Viper Snake Bite lineup is for the most commonly used plant spot on the A bombsite. You shouldn't take long to learn this Snake Bite lineup since it's a straightforward one to execute. 


Since you perform this lineup from A main, unless the enemies have someone lurking, it's going to be hard for them to stop you from throwing it. This makes it very hard for them to defuse the spike.



To execute this lineup, just stand close to the sandbags that are located outside the A lobby. After that, line the HUD like you can see in the image and do a standard throw (left-click).



Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Haven B Bombsite


Default Plant Snake Bite Lineup


It's the most effective Viper Snake Bite lineup for the default plant on the B site. Since the B site is a very closed one, this is the only Snake Bite lineup that exists for it. 


You will throw this Snake Bite from attacking spawn, making it harder for the enemies to reach you, and most of them won't even know from where you are throwing your Snake Bites. 



You will go to the attacking side spawn to perform this Viper Snake Bite lineup. After, just stand together to the middle rail and aim at where the crosshair is placed in the image. Then do a standard throw (left-click).


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Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Haven C Bombsite


Default Plant Snake Bite Lineup


A great Viper Snake Bite lineup for the C bombsite default plant spot. It's another lineup that allows you to throw it and quickly relocate and see the spike.



To throw this Snake Bite lineup go to the C lobby. Then just stand on top of the helices in the ground, aim to where the crosshair is placed, and do a normal throw (left-clock)



Back Site Plant Snake Bite Lineup


This plant location might not be the most used but is a very strong plant spot when you have a Viper in your composition. Furthermore, it's an easy lineup to learn and will come in handy in some situations. 



To execute this Snake Bite lineup, just stand in the right corner of the entrance to C lobby, place the crosshair as you see it in the image, and then do a normal throw (left-click).


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