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When to Save and Spend Credits in VALORANT

When to Save and Spend Credits in VALORANT
Written by: ar1essss
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This guide will help you to achieve high results in ranked matches in VALORANT.


Skills will properly manage your credits during the match, and can help you win the game. If you make one or more mistakes that seem insignificant to you, they can affect the game. Buying one weapon or ability can change the course of events in the game. So you need to know when to save your credits, and when, to the contrary, you need to spend them.




When to save credits in Valorant?


There are some most often situations, when you and your team need to save credits:


  • After losing pistol rounds
  • When your team can't make a full buy against a team that can
  • In the bonus round after winning the first two rounds of a half


Of course that in all three cases you can spend credits, and try to win rounds with pistols, but at the same moment, your enemies will have better guns and more abilities. So this investment will not help you win the round, but will only aggravate the situation. Before each round, try to analyze the situation, and make the right decision.


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When to buy in Valorant?


If players in your team have an average amount of 4,000+ Credits, you should buy. Don't forget about your abilities. Sometimes better to buy small armor and more abilities, if your team has a strong strategy.


There are some most often situations when you and your team need to spend credits:


  • After winning pistol rounds
  • The last round of a half
  • An elimination round, when the enemy team is on 12 rounds or overtime


If two last is understandable, I want to describe, why your team needs to buy after a pistol round. Some players like to play the second round after winning a pistol with a ghost or sheriffs with the armor.


They expect that the enemy will also play with the pistols so that they can shoot them. But the chance that enemies with pistols will win the round, when you also have pistols, higher, than if you have Spectres, Guardians, or Phantom/Vandal.

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