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How to Change to Left Hand in VALORANT

How to Change to Left Hand in VALORANT
Image Credit: Alphr
Written by: ar1essss

Settings in any game are a personal thing of any player. They choose the settings that are convenient for them personally. This may involve resolution, aspect ratio, or crosshair. And someone is also concerned about hand placement. In this article, you will find information on how to change to the left hand in VALORANT.




How to switch to left hand in VALORANT


Despite the well-known fact that there are fewer left-handed players in our world than right-handed ones, some players are still more comfortable playing shooters with a gun in their left hand. This feature is present in many games, from Counter-Strike to VALORANT. It's so easy to change to the left hand:


  1. Open VALORANT, and click "Settings" in the top-right corner.
  2. Choose the "General" section and then scroll down until the Other section.
  3. The first function in the list will be "First Person Handedness", choose "Left".


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That's all, now your agent will hold a weapon in your left hand. We recommend you to test, play some deathmatch, and then make the final decision. Good Luck!

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