The Best Cypher Cameras on Haven

The Best Cypher Cameras on Haven
Written by: ar1essss

Cypher is a unique and effective sentinel in VALORANT. Many players like him and often use him in matchmaking and pro matches. Haven is one of the maps where Cypher feels good. Here you will find the best Cypher cameras for Haven.





A Long


The first setup is aggressive, using quick info about A Main and A Long. During Freeze time, you need to stay close to the wall on Long, and when the round starts, use your camera. This camera gives you complete info about A Main and A Long.



If you want to receive information about this area quickly, activate the camera at once. For example, if you know that opponents will rush A site, you can keep the camera for a retake. 



A site


This camera allows you to check the whole A site. To use this camera, you need to jump out from Haven to the box in the middle of the site. And from this box, you can launch the camera.



It's a convenient camera, which opponents can not detect so fast.



B Site


The camera on B Site also allows players to receive info about enemies as much as possible. Besides the passage to the site, you can check almost the whole site. To do that, you need to stand on the box in the left corner, aim how on-screen grab, and jump.



Combined with wires and cages, this camera will help you protect the B site.



C Site


This elementary camera helps you to defend C site. You need to jump to the lower box in the middle of the site and, from that position, launch the camera.



This camera gives you an overview of the whole site, garage, and long exit.







There are two default offensive cameras, which players use very often. The first one is using for overview A push. You must stand in front of A Main, aim like on screen, and launch.



If you don't have wires or want to use them in other places, you can launch this camera and detect the enemy's push from A.





This unique camera allows you to check the garage and mid-aggression. Players use it in 70% of rounds on Haven in the offensive.



I recommend using it at the beginning of the round because enemies can push the mid/garage.


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