Harbor Agent Lore | Sir Jeppy

Harbor Agent Lore | Sir Jeppy
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Hey everybody, Jeppy here, and welcome to Harbor's Agent lore! I'm so stoked to share everything we currently know about Harbor with you guys because he's been such an interesting person so far, from what I've found! "Conflict is not my first choice, but that choice was made."


We already know a ton about him, especially since we've had around two months of hype build-up courtesy of Riot before his release with all the lore updates. But now that we got all the voice lines that Harbor launched with, we can get a fuller picture of what type of person Harbor is. And to summarize real quick before we get into the details, he is a very outgoing and uplifting person, which is cool to see! "How's everyone feeling? Good? Because you look great."



Where And When Was Harbor Born?

Alright, so let's start things off as we always do with these Agent Lores with where and when Harbor was born. Well, we don't know exactly which city Harbor was born in, but according to the short in-game bio Riot gives, it looks like Harbor was born somewhere along the coast of India.



Which doesn't exactly narrow it down for us. We also don't know how old he is or what his birthday is, at least from what I can find, but I think it's safe to assume he's in his young to mid-thirties with all the stories he tells about the various missions he's done throughout his life. "I've done a thousand missions like this before. Today is no different." We really don't know much about Harbor's childhood at all.


The only thing I can find that might correlate anything to his childhood is the spray in his contract that shows he likely enjoyed and played Cricket when he was younger. I've never played the game, but from what I saw, it looks kinda fun, anyone here play that?




What Is Harbor's Real Name?


But we at least know what Harbor's real name is, and it's quite literally one of the first things we found out about him. The very first hint we got of this was almost two months ago when Fade linked the Omega version of Varun Batra to a new power source The Valorant Legion was using, his Artifact, and traced the Alpha Version of Harbor to REALM.



Connection To REALM?


Realm is an organization that specializes in seizing black market deals of priceless and ancient artifacts. On the surface, they seem like a great organization that is doing something honorable, like making sure history doesn't get lost to criminals. But there are some seeded roots of corruption we're going to talk about in a little bit.


As for Harbor himself, it really does look like when he was working for REALM, he was doing it out of the goodness of his heart and his love for history and artifacts. "History is full of senseless aggression. Some things don't change." We'll see some more voice lines of his love for artifacts and history when he joins the protocol, and a match starts on a particular match.



Pretty much every map has a historical figure or building to it, and Harbor makes sure to point it out. But back to REALM. Varun Batra was a well-respected member of this counter Blackmarket group and was a legend throughout the ranks as well. That all changed when he was betrayed by one of his peers, a man named Capt. Greaves.



Betrayal Of Capt. Greaves


From the looks of it, they were on countless missions together and got a tip of an ancient artifact in Mumbai that was going to be smuggled. They arrived, dealt with the criminals guarding it, and Harbor made his way to the Artifact. A beautiful wristband with rings set on display in what looks like to be a temple of some sort. That's when his long partner revealed the corruption i'm sure he's been plotting for a long time. He turned his gun to Varun and ordered  him to hand over the Artifact.


When he refused, Capt Greaves shot at him but instinctively Varun tried to brace for the bullets but inadvertently summoned a wall of water between the men. Which gave him enough time to escape and go on the run. Greaves lied about what happened there and ordered a manhunt on Harbor by the REALM organization he called home for so long.



Fade, Astra, and Skye


News started breaking out about a person with an artifact that can summon water and bend it to his will which was heard by The Valorant Protocol. Fade used to work as a freelancer for REALM and started looking into it along with Astra and Skye. They visited the sites where a quick battle took place between Harbor and REALM which finally ended in Delhi, India.



VALORANT Protocol Rescues Harbor



Because Harbor sent out a distress call to The Valorant Protocol for help, Brimstone arrived with a Vulture and managed to catch him in mid air in the knick of time. He brought him on board, and welcomed him to Valorant as Agent 21, Harbor. Now how does this precious Artifact work that Harbor uses? Well first of all I need to say that Harbor is NOT a radiant, he is a normal human who is using the Artifact's power.



The VALORANT Artifacts


Apparently the bracelet part of the Artifact is where the water actually originates from. But the rings he wears on his fingers that came with the wristband are the different abilities he can control with the water. But remember Harbor is not a radiant. Unlike Yoru and Astra who are radiants but use their respected Artifacts to amplify their powers to the abilities we see them use today.


If you guys didn't know by now, Yoru's mask is from an Ancient Samurai's armor from the Edo Period of Japan which has Radianite embedded in it. While Astra wields an ancient Gauntlet with Radianite as well. Harbor has a few interactions with Yoru and Astra about their artifacts. Astra's is more comical "Hey, Astra. Any tips for when you get an itch under the gauntlet? This bracelet is killing me."


While Harbor's interaction with Yoru about his Artifact seems to kinda rub Harbor the wrong way with how he feels like Yoru disrespected the history of the mask. "So, Yoru, you painted over the priceless samurai mask. Uh. Interesting choice."


Another little thing showing how Harbor loves to maintain history as much as possible. But something extremely interesting is unfolding with these 3 artifacts, the wristband, gauntlet and mask. How can they be infused with Radianite and exist centuries prior to The First Light which was supposed to be the start of Radianite on our Earth?


Well, Astra deciphered a language engraved on Harbor's wristband artifact and found out that it was created by The Guardians. *PLAY that one part where she says it was built by the guardians" Now to be honest, at this time, I don't know much about The Guardians.


I'm assuming they were an old civilization that either lived on Earth or traveled between universes like alpha and omega for example. So that's probably where the Artifacts get their radiantie powers prior to the first light. Let's talk a little more about Harbor and his love for history. You can see him really shine with excitement when he spawns in on a map that has something historical on it.



Harbor Voicelines



We're going to go through everything he says about spawning in on the maps. I didn't know any of these facts Harbor brings up besides the one on Icebox.


  • "The pillars on that domed building are Corinthian. Last of the three classical orders. How are you not excited?!"
  • "That old wall by the tree was part of a Kasbah once. Still majestic after all this time."
  • "Who builds a neo-classical mansion in the middle of an ocean? Obnoxious."


Oh I know who does Harbor Thurston Wolf. The mega rich dude that shook hands with another Mega rich dude, Chamber, in a deal that we still don't know much about. Yeah that guy.


  • "Will you look at those basalt columns! You know those hexagonal shapes form naturally."
  • "What is red seal ship from the Tokukawa era doing way up here? Zabardast." ("Zabardast" means "Amazing".)
  • "That castle beyond the dome dates back to 48 BC. Shame it couldn't be saved."
  • "See that older building? How the roof follows the silver ratio." Laughs "Who said maths wasn't beautiful?"


So yeah as you guys can see, he didn't just work for realm for so many years because it was just another job. He genuinely loved his job and doing everything he can to preserve and protect history.Alright everyone let's check out what Harbor's relationship is like with all the Agents on the protocol that we know of so far.



Harbor's Omega Earth Counterpart


But before I do I want to actually talk about a possible friendship with Omega Earth's Harbor on The Valorant Legion. It seems that he would like to get a chance to really sit down and talk with him as a friend. "When we are at peace, I would meet you again."


It kinda gives me vibes like Sova, Raze and Breach where they don't even really want to fight their omega counterparts but have to due to the conflict between them. We also get a funny voiceline with Harbor joking about his Artifact is better than the Omega versions "Yes, there is another Harbor fighting us. And yes, he also has an artifact. Mine is better."



Harbor Is A Good Person



So like I said earlier, Harbor is a good person. "Anyone dehydrated? Need a quick rinse? Just checking." So far he really has no negative interactions with anyone on the protocol, including Fade. Remember, Harbor never experienced the blackmailing dossiers of extremely personal problems that Fade revealed to all the other Agents on the protocol.


So they never started off on the wrong foot, whereas pretty much all the other Agents presumably hated Fade before she joined The Protocol. He seems to highly respect Fade and recognizes that she is one of the most powerful Agents on the VP with how she can easily and quickly incapacitate multiple people with her Nightmare.


  • "Fade I've dealt with a lot of scary people. And you are definitely my favorite."
  • ''The enemy Fade thinks we're afraid. She's right, that shit is scary."


He also has a funny voiceline kinda taking a jab at goth kids, any goth people here?


  • "This is what happens when the goth kid gets nightmare powers."


So far it looks like that Phoenix and Harbor are going to be great friends on the VP. Which is kinda odd because, yanno, fire and water don't exactly play nice together. Just like all the other agents, Harbor makes fun of Phoenix for being confident and reckless


  • "Phoenix, don't run in and get yourself shot. Unless that's the plan."
  • "Phoenix, you're supposed to be all talk! What the hell happened?"


But he also has a few voice lines where we calls him buddy and we can see the start of what looks like a good friendship happening. "Yaar, Phoenix! Let's team up and boil these clowns." ("Yaar" means "buddy".)



Another Agent that I'm sure Harbor is extremely grateful for is Skye. She recovered his bike that fell off the building as he made that dramatic leap into the air for Brimstone to catch him. It looks like he likes to make fun of Skye as well but of course in a friendly way "Score one for the world's most dangerous tree hugger."


Let's go through a couple more voice lines of Harbor's interaction with other Agents.


  • "Breach, your prosthetics are waterproof, right? Asking for a friend."
  • "There's a Chamber over there, guy can't go three steps without bringing all his fancy guns."
  • "Kay/O, you've got a lot of heart. A metaphorical heart. Unless... Do you have a real heart?"
  • "Stay sharp, you don't get a second chance in combat. Unless Sage is involved."
  • "Sure their Viper can put up a big green wall, but you know, mine's prettier."


I do think though that Astra and Harbor are going to be working really close together. They both share something in common with wielding artifacts built by The Guardians and are both eager to find The City of Flowers, which was also built by the Guardians, over on Omega Earth. It's being hinted at that the next map coming to Valorant is going to take place on Omega Earth at the flower city there. And something tells me Astra and Harbor are going to be the ones to lead the way on the expedition to find it and use Harbor's Artifact to unlock the lock there.





Alright everyone well I'm pretty sure we're all caught up with the main parts about Harbor's Lore. Of course, he just got released so more information and events he'll take part in are yet to happen but if you want to stay up to date.

For more Valorant lore content check out my YouTube Channel where I always make lore updates Valorant. 

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