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How To Win Eco Rounds In VALORANT

How To Win Eco Rounds In VALORANT
Written by: Shizza

Riot’s Valorant is a game in which managing your economy is more important than your aim or your crosshair placement. This is where eco rounds come in and let us tell you, they can be quite painful. However, some rare times, players win these eco rounds.


These rounds are kind of like players trying to defeat their enemies who have extremely advanced weapons with sticks and stones. Even though it is not like that, it sure does feel like it.



There is no doubt that we are in an unfavorable position in the eco-round. So, how do we tackle these rounds and increase our odds of winning them? In this article, you will find some tips for increasing your chances of winning, which are as follows:



Ways To Win Eco Rounds In Valorant



buy screen


Take Out The Enemy Sniper


Snipers are a player’s easiest target during an eco round, especially if they are playing aggressively. If you know where a sniper might be on the enemy team, make it uncomfortable for him – rush, throw some aggressive smokes, and force him to reposition.


This is also why purchasing abilities is extremely important since it will be difficult to take a sniper player down without the help of mollies or smokes. The Snipers are pretty good on defense. However, they fail at aggressive strategies, which is why players usually want to go for an eco.



Moreover, even if you lose one round, saving an Operator means +4700 Credits, and well, who would want to pass that up after an eco round? So, it is a win-win situation.



Shock The Enemy


snipers valorant


It is the player’s choice if they wish to rush fast or play it down to the last wire. However, you should make sure that your opponent doesn’t expect you to play a certain way and predict your moves. There is a high chance that the enemy will tend to get aggressive and will end up falling right into your shorty-laden hands.



Purchase Abilities


eco rounds


Players should go for their Agent’s abilities instead of purchasing some useless Shorty. Also, do not randomly buy your whole kit; instead, ponder over the strategy you plan to execute with your teammates for the eco round. Once that is decided, pick the ability that would be best for it.



With this, you will not end up spending your entire Credits on it, and even if you do get killed before using it, it is completely fine. You save the ability for the next round, anyway.


While in an eco round, you will mostly be forced to play aggressively, and one great wall, molly, or smoke can change the outcomes of the round. With that said, the most favorable ability lineups concerning eco rounds would be one-way smokes for Defenders and post-plant mollies for Attackers.


However, if you want to play a Sentinel Agent, you can also risk a little by going for a more expensive setup, depending on the number of credits you have.



Stick With Your Team


Sticking with your team is always a given. OpTic, an American esports organization, has won many eco rounds simply by sticking and supporting each other and creating double-firing lines. 


Your team can benefit from learning from one of the greatest former teams, so trading kills and damaging the enemy's economy is the goal. However, we are talking about winning here, which is why a classic and a teammate are good defenses in almost any eco-round.



Try To Keep Your Advantage


If and when you get any advantage during an eco round, try your best to keep it. In the beginning, you might want to play aggressively, obviously, but once you get an advantage, why should anyone risk losing it?



In case you have eliminated a Spike carrier, keep a look out for the Spike with your team members and go into “full defense mode.” On the contrary, if you have successfully planted a Spike, then take a secure position and get ready to throw some post-plant mollies to throw outside the Spike site.


So, in short, if you have a lead in the eco round, try your best to maintain it no matter what without running for frags.



Pick a Corner with a Shorty




This might be the wrong way to go about things, but when you are at a disadvantage, you must take your chances. This is especially for when you are a duelist or Chamber, an Agent who can easily get away after taking a kill.



In case you are on the defense, sitting with a shorty in one corner an enemy player would least expect you to be on has an amazing surprise advantage.



Strategy to Win Eco Rounds in Valorant


Several strategies will aid you in your mission to win the eco round, but we will inform you about the best ones so far:


  • If you are playing with a great team, you must discuss the strategy to ambush the enemy players. You and your teammate should take two separate positions, but it should be with the same shot angle. After that, you must wait for the enemy to appear. As soon as the enemy player appears, you can easily kill him, after which you need to change your positions a little.


  • You can use the Camping technique if you are playing on the defensive side. For this, you should buy shorty weapons and hold small corners while quietly sneaking up on enemies from behind. This strategy is way more effective when most of the allies have been eliminated and the enemy is walking directly into your ambush.



A Few More Tips to Win Eco Rounds in Valorant


eco round valorant


Here are a few more tips that can be paired with any strategy and will prove to be highly helpful:



  • Players should play aggressively in order to prevent enemies from strategizing against their team.


  • Try avoiding long-range battles since you won’t have any advantage in them, and always try to bring enemies into melee.


  • If you are playing Neon, Jett, or Chamber, try to save their Ultimate until the eco rounds since they can be used as a replacement for your weapon.
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