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Brimstone Valorant Guide

Brimstone Valorant Guide
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

An in-depth Brimstone Valorant guide that will explain everything you need to know about the Agent and the best way to play with it. From his strengths to weaknesses you will find everything you need to know about Brimstone.


Brimstone is one of only four controllers in the game. The Agent was released in the beta phase of the game so it's been around for a while. It's one of the Agents you don't need to unlock. 


It's also one of the easiest smokers to play in the game, while still being very useful in some maps. If you want to learn how to play a controller/smoker Agent Brimstone is the perfect one for you to start with.



Brimstone Role


Like I mentioned above Brimstone is a controller. One of the controller's main goals is to help their team to take control of an area of the map, by cutting the opponent's vision primarily. They are also good at forcing enemies into choke points.


The official controller description is the following: "Controllers are experts in slicing up dangerous territory to set their team up for success." 




Controllers use their abilities like smokes, abilities that do damage in a certain area, and others to be able to provide their team with assistance. Brimstone smokes are some of the best in the game and can help your team enter a bombsite in a safer and easier way. 


Brimstone is a great Agent for beginner players, or for someone who never played a smoker role but is trying to learn it. His kit as its smokes as the most useful ability. However, the rest of his abilities can also prove very valuable for the team when used correctly. 


So let's take a deep dive into Brimstone's abilities.



An in-depth look at Brimstone abilities


Brimstone's abilities are really strong when used to set up the rest of his team. Either being smoking and entrance to delay the enemy push or smoking a part of the map to get control of it.


valorant agent brimstone


His ultimate is also very useful in certain circumstances. On closed maps when uses correctly Brimstone ultimate can be a game-changer.



Stim Beacon


  • Cost: 100 credits
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Charges: 2
  • Function: Gives a buff of 15% rapid-fire, and a 15% speed boost
  • Default Command Key: C


Brimstone throws a Steam Beacon in front of him, and it instantly activates once it touches the ground. When activated all the players from the Brimstone team that are inside that area will gain a rapid-fire buff. This means the players will shoot 15% faster when inside the Steam Beacon area, or for a short amount of time after leaving the area.




If a teammate kills an adversary inside the Steam Beacon area Brimstone will receive an assist. The enemies can't see the Steam Beacon. They also can't destroy the ability. This is not the most useful ability in the game but you can still find value in it.


You can deploy it when you are entering a bombsite, or in a 1v1 situation. Sometimes that 15% rapid-fire buff can make a difference.





  • Cost: 250 credits
  • Duration: 7 seconds
  • Charges: 1
  • Damage: 60 hp per second
  • Function: A grenade that does damage in an area.
  • Default Command Key: Q




Brimstone equips a grenade launcher. When you fire it launches an Incediary grenade that will detonate when it comes in contact with the ground, doing damage in its area of effect to anyone standing there.


There are various ways you could use a Brimstone grenade. You can molly an entrance to a bombsite slowing the enemy team rush/ execution. It can be used to clear some harder angles or chokepoints forcing enemies out of that places. 




One of the best uses of Brimstone grenade is to play post-plant it with. You can use some lineups that allow you to molly the zone where the bomb is planted not letting the opponents defuse it. 


It's harder to do but when well executed it can win you some important rounds. 



Sky Smoke


  • Cost: 100 credits
  • Duration: 19.25 seconds
  • Charges: 3
  • Function: Blocks the vision in a selected area
  • Default command Key: E




Brimstone deploys a smoke in a selected area of the map blocking the vision. Sky Smoke is the best ability on his kit. Despite only having three smokes. While Agents like Astra have more, and Omen smokes are rechargeable. Brimstone smokes have a duration of 19.25 almost 20 seconds. Being the smokes that last the longest.




This ability can help you setup your team to take control of an area of the map. Deny the enemy team of vision. You can use it to play retake or to try and slow some enemy pushes.


It's fundamental you understand when it's the best time to use your smokes since you only have three. One thing that is also important is mastering where to use them in different places on the map. How you can take full advantage of your smokes is the most important aspect you need to dominate.



Orbital Strike


  • Cost: 7 Ultimate points
  • Duration: 3 seconds
  • Damage: 20 HP per tick (6.67 ticks per second)
  • Function: Deals high damage to players caught in that area over time.



Brimstone launches an Orbital Strike that causes players in that area to take damage over time. If you stay inside Brimstone ultimate for around two seconds with full health and shield you will still die.


This ultimate is perfect to clear some parts of the map. Or to retake control of a map area. You can also use it to destroy Killjoy ultimate. When well used you can cause very significant damage to the enemy team. 




However the ultimate is a little hit or miss. You can use it in an area of the map, trying to kill someone that normally plays there. But if there isn't anyone there your ultimate will go to waste.


Brimstone ultimate is also really strong to play post-plant with. When you ult the spike adversaries are forced to leave that area or they will die.  



How you should Play with Brimstone


Brimstone's role as a controller is to set up his team for success. So you want to play around your team as much as possible. You don't have to play a very defensive style or a very aggressive one. Finding a balance between when to be more aggressive or to play more defensive is key for a controller. 



The major strength of Brimstone is his ability to deny vision to the enemy team. So you always want to smoke crucial parts of a bombsite when your team is going to execute towards there. That way it becomes easier for your team to enter and your enemies will have to expose themselves if they want to stop the push.


7061eb02 thumb 1920 1080942


Playing post-plant with your ultimate or lineups from your grenade is also one of the best ways to find value on the attacking side.


As for the defensive side, your smokes and grenade will be your best friends. You can molly a certain part of the map or entry to the site to slow or at least stop the enemy offensive.


Using your smokes to deny vision to the enemy team when they are trying to enter a bombsite can also really help you and you're team. Since it makes the opponent squad task much harder. 


Smoke Screen is also very useful when playing retake. You can smoke the area where you think the enemies are, forcing them to have to push the smoke and expose themselves.



Brimstone Weaknesses



He is not the best controller or smoker Agent in the game. Agents like Astra, Viper, are much more useful to the team and are valuable in almost all the maps in the game. 


Brimstone is only really picked at the high level on Split, Bind, and there are few professional teams that pick him overall. The fact he is not as useful as other controllers/ smokers in the majority of the maps really hurt him.


valorant agent brimstone_6oO3T68


His ability kit is also not the best. The smokes are great but you only have three. Steam Beacon is probably the hardest ability to find value within the game and is considered by many as the weakest one in Valorant. 


Overall it's hard to find value in playing Brimstone in most maps because there are other Agents that can do what he does but better. He is not by any means a bad Agent and you cant still find a lot of value with him. Especially in specific maps like Bind and Haven. 


However, he is just not as strong as some of his peers. 


I hope this guide helped you understand how you should utilize Brimstone to the best of your abilities. His strengths, weaknesses, and how you can find the most value with him in the attacking and defensive side.


If you want a detailed video about how to play Brimstone at a professional level, check our How the Pros play Brimstone guide.


If you want to learnabout more agents check our Beginners Guides Section.


All images rights belong to Riot Games Valorant.

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