VALORANT Astra Smokes on Split - Best Smokes and Strategies

VALORANT Astra Smokes on Split - Best Smokes and Strategies
Written by: Weeii
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Astra is one of the most complex agents in the game. Many think astra is unplayable but the truth is, she still stands a strong position in the VALORANT agent pool. 


While being an extraordinary agent is not enough, her power comes with knowing how to use her and most importantly, when to use her. In this guide, you will learn about the best setups for Astra on Split that can elevate your gameplay to the next level

Setups - Attack


In attack, you’re faced with the ultimate challenge: Timing. Astra has 4 stars with 4 different abilities that you can assign to it. Stun, pull, and 2 smokes at a time. 


Your smokes can recharge but you can only use 2 at a time, same for the other abilities where you can use 1 at a time. 


With that information you need to perfect the timing of your utility so that it doesn’t go to waste, and with these setups you’ll make sure of that. 

A Full

When you’re attacking A, you originally should smoke off Heaven and CT. But with Astra you have more play into hand, you can use your stuns throughout common spots to ensure best chances of getting into site. Stunning elbow is a pretty common spot 

A Fast

An alternative way to smoke A site can be by blocking early ramps peekers and proceeding quickly into site. In this set up you’re prompted to use your stun close left on the corner just so you don’t get caught off guard considering you’re hard pushing the site. 


*Note: Normally on attack, you should avoid using your pull ability as it’s better to save it for post plant scenarios. Placing a pull on the spike and activating it can stop enemies from defusing temporarily which is extremely efficient in any post plan set up.

A Default

Finally for A, whilst it’s not too common but this stun can actually drive your enemies insane. There are multiple times where there’s a tucked in defender in this off angle and normally that goes unexpected, you might be a step ahead placing your stun here. 

B Control

Now onto B site, pretty commonly you should smoke heaven and CT and it’s preferable that you place your stun around pillar as defenders playing for retake will normally hide in that position. 

B Post Plant

If you are sure that there aren’t anyone pillar or close left / right, you can as well use your stun for back site but make sure you actually capitalize on your utility after doing so. 


When doing that, you can also move your smoke a step out of CT to block both pillar and CT at the same time which can effectively give you more space 

Mid To A

Attacking from Mid to A is simple as soon as you open up the space in front of B heaven, after that smoke rafters and CT and make sure you look out for hiding defenders by stunning spots just like shown 

Mid To B

This is quite a good execute for Mid To B, smoke vents and CT on B site then stun the link to defenders CT.

Your route should be clear but make sure that you do this push quickly otherwise nothing will cover link after your stun is performed

Setups - Defense


Astra is a unique controller and with her utility, you can possibly aim to hold sites just like a sentinel. Contrary to attack, you can freely use your pull to stop attackers from executing which is quite effective. Here’s how you should play astra on the defensive side

Mid Control

Starting with the most pressured area on the map split, middle. Here it’s very effective to just smoke it and if you know enemies will still try to cross the smoke place an extra star to stun at a timing you find convenient. 

B Default

Now into defending the B site, you can place your smoke on B main while saving up for a pull right in front of it. You only activate that pull when attackers push through. As soon as you confirmed they’re in site, place a star on the default planting position and use it to stun only when you’re playing for a fast retake.

Otherwise, you can use the stun as a retake ability. 

B Aggressive

If you’re playing on B and would like to take more space, you can easily do that with astra as you have an extra stun and pull to use for extra map control.

However, we recommend that you use your stun and stun while saving your pull. 

A Default

When you’re defending A, it’s like your hometown. Place your smokes on rafters and A main and place a star on the left side of a main. 


This star is used by professional players as it’s a very efficient pull when enemies pass through your smoke. 

A Early Hold

If you’re a beast and you won’t allow your enemies to have a step into your territory, here’s a way to play for complete control on A site. Just make sure you have a teammate to back you up from rafters, place a smoke deep into A lobby and a pull right in front of it in case they push out. 

Setups - Ultimates


What’s unique about astra is her ultimate, a gigantic wall that blocks the entire map filtering any sound or bullets. Here’s how you can use her ultimate in both sites: 

A Ultimate

Place your ultimate aligned to A heaven to create a complete block line then use a smoke on CT. Be aware that this will create a tiny space for defenders to hide in on the close left side of A main, but that’s not much to worry about if you’re aware. 


You can switch up the place of your stun but screens is the most efficient spot to do so. 

B Ultimate

This ultimate for B site is undeniable space. Place a stun right around the ultimate next to default to ensure that nobody walks out on you and make sure you’re holding the wall so that nobody surprise peeks you. Other than that, the site is completely yours

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