VALORANT Astra Smokes on Icebox - Best Smokes and Strategies

VALORANT Astra Smokes on Icebox - Best Smokes and Strategies
Written by: Weeii
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This will be the only guide you need on the best smokes for Astra on the map Icebox. 
Astra is a versatile agent with a unique set of abilities that make her a valuable addition to any team.

Icebox is one of the most overwhelming maps in VALORANT with its diverse design and the multitude of angles that allow for aggressive playstyles.


In this article, we will explore Astra's abilities and highlight the best smokes for each key location on Icebox. Whether you're a veteran player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with the knowledge to effectively control and dominate your opponents with Astra. Get ready to take your gameplay to the next level!


Setups - Attack 

The attacking side on Icebox can be pretty tough, although you have many angles to peek from and duel it’s still dependent on performance and coordination. Without proper smokes or setups, you will find yourself completely outnumbered by defenders peeking you from everywhere. That’s why you should follow these setups that will elevate your gameplay: 

A Default

Use this set up if you’re going for full A site control. Smoking Heaven and Screens will give you as much cover as you can ask for, place a stun back site to activate as you peek it to clear out any enemies if there were any. 

A Sage Wall

An alternative set up that is more effective commonly but requires a Sage on your team. All you need to do is smoke rafters which is even helpful to stop early peeks from defenders and to give you extended cover when you plant. Placing your second smoke on Screens and a stun on any close angles to rule out the possibility of getting picked apart. 

Your goal here is to secure the way for your sage to walk up and wall against generator so that you can plant safely with these smokes. 

Pro Tip: You don’t use your Gravity Well on Astra if you are on the attacking side solely because this ability is better suited for post plant scenarios. In that context, you should always use your stun to clear corners and your pull to stop enemies from defusing the spike.

B Post Plant


In attacking B site, you can smoke site and snow man with a stun on top site just right around before you start planting. This will ensure nobody will peek and take you apart. 

B Control

However, we find this setup a lot more effective for B site. It does require to have a Sage on your team but that should be no issue as it’s one of the top picked agents for this map. 

Smoke Top site and snow man and place a stun towards site after the wall is placed, this will help so that enemies can’t break the wall quickly if they were stunned. 

Mid To A

Pushing Mid is a key factor in Icebox. If you end up taking control of it, chances are you can control the outcome of the round. 


Place a smoke on Boiler, with a smoke next to it as a gateway into A site. Don’t forget to stun under tube just in case anybody were to peek or catch a timing on you as you cross mid. 


Mid To B

For pushing Mid to B, stun boiler and smoke close towards tube. This will give you cover from both early peek on boiler and anyone who’s under it. After that progress towards site and smoke snow man so that rotation or retake ready players can’t get to you as easily. 

Setups - Defense

Icebox is easier played on defense but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be on your side. If you don’t learn the best set ups to hold sites down you might find yourself in a situation where it’s impossible to deny enemies from taking space on you. And that’s why we will now show you the best set ups to force your enemies into backing off your site:

A Default Hold

On defending A site, you are almost inevitable. A smoke on pipes and close belt will cover all sort of angles that attackers can peek from to duel or earn a pick before entering. Then always place your pull right into a choke point so that enemies can’t cross without being slowed or potentially killed if there was a teammate playing off your utility. 

A Control

Another way to defend A is by switching the places of the smokes. In this case, taking off the smoke on pipes and placing it closer into maze. This is more effective if your enemies rush quick and it’s always good to have an alternative set up to switch to. 


B Control

There are 2 ways to hold B site. An aggressive way as shown in the picture is by smoking both openings of B long and holding it down either with a teammate or by an off angle towards yellow. 

B Retake

The safer way to hold B site is by smoking both opening from B long and Yellow and placing a pull on default. This will block enemies from extending over to site and if they do and try to plant, you can delay that while breaking their wall to place even more pressure. 

Mid Aggressive

If you are a risk taker, make sure you defend mid this way. Push down tube with a smoke deep into mid and a pull in case you hear many steps rushing you down. 

Mid Passive

Another way to defend mid is by smoking Towards tube considering you have a wall or any alarming utility to alert you if enemies go to B and then place your pull right under tube so that if anyone tries to cross it you can stop them and potentially, kill them. 


Setups - Ultimates 

Unique to Astra and not any other controller is her ultimate that is a gigantic wall crossing the entire map blocking both sounds and bullets. And since it’s an ability that needs to be used properly, here’s how you can implement it in-game:

A Ultimate

When you’re ulting A make sure you use it like this. This diagonal wall helps a lot more than a straight one, because you don’t want to lose control over backsite and rafters otherwise you will get pushed too quickly as it’s easier for them to retake if you give them too much space.

B Ultimate

Your Astra ultimate is most effective on B, it blocks everyone from even hearing your plant which is perfect for planting and running back playing for post plant with your pull or other teammate utility. 

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