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The Best Killjoy Setups For Pearl

The Best Killjoy Setups For Pearl
Written by: Weeii

This will be the only guide you need to play Killjoy on the map Pearl. As one of the newer maps in the competitive scene, Pearl offers unique challenges and opportunities for Killjoy mains.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the character, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and strategies to dominate your opponents on this map. From defending the bomb sites to setting up sneaky traps, we'll cover everything you need to know to become a master of Pearl as Killjoy. So, put on your thinking cap, grab your toolbox, and let's get started!

Killjoy Setups - Attacking Side


While Killjoy is often associated with defensive playstyles, she can also be a valuable asset for the attacking team on this map. With her unique abilities, Killjoy can help control areas of the map and create opportunities for her team to push towards the enemy's territory. Especially when it comes to lurking which is commonly known as “rat gameplay” but yet one of the most effective ways to manipulate your attacking side. We will show you the best ways you can use Killjoy on Pearl Attack: 

A Site:



When it comes to killjoy on the attacking side, we are most likely referring to lurking setups. Whether you’re planning to lurk late in the round or right off the bat, these setups are essential to maintain control of the area you’re planning to execute. 



In this particular setup, you will be taking Art as a pathway to A site. Place your turret right in front of Top Mid (Window) so it can watch your flank from B site. 


Then walk up just like the pathway the picture is showing, place your alarm bot towards Art Mid to cover your quick flank from B link which could be a normal rotation. 


Then walk up get your kills and place your mollies for post plant. 


B Site:


For executing B site, place your turret towards B lobby to cover any flanks coming from your spawn or even mid link after you’re pushed for the lurk. 


After that, push up as the pathway is showing to take Mid link control. Placing an alarm bot on Connector is essential to cover your flank of any rotations coming. 


After that, secure your spot by killing any enemies in that area and place your swamp grenades to where you’ve planted the spike. 


Remember: It is always your option to either lurk quickly or late. 



Killjoy Setups - Defending Side


With Killjoy’s unique kit of abilities, she is a valuable asset for any team looking to defend key areas of the map. Her skills allow her to set up traps and control areas of the map, making it difficult for the enemy team to push forward. But you can only do so much when you’re lacking knowledge as to how place your utility right, so here are the best killjoy setups to defend your site on pearl: 


A Site:



Now when you are defending a site as a Killjoy, most case scenario you will do everything to knock off attackers and you won’t go retakes as often. 


Start by placing your turret on top of the box on Art. After that, place an alarm bot close to A main and place a molly right next to it. Then, place another molly on the default planting spot just in case enemies made it through and tried to plant, then you can activate it to delay the plant process for your teammates to rotate. 


If it’s not clear, you should always activate the mollies (swamp grenades) on contact of your alarm bot or turret. 


Alternatively, you can switch things up a little bit. Instead of playing dugout, you can play backsite using this setup. Then use your turret and put it on the corner instead of on top of the box to cover main too, and keep your alarmbots & swamp grenades the same. 


B Site:



While we have mentioned that you as a killjoy should not play for retakes often, it doesn’t mean that you will always be able to hold a 5 man push. Sometimes there are ultimates that will force you out of site. 


Here is a setup that will grant you an EASY kill even while you are completely out of site. 


Place your turret at the end of B halls, combined with an alarm bot in the middle of halls with 2 swamp grenades around it. As soon as your turret and alarm bot got off, trigger the grenades and enjoy your free kill. 


Even if you didn’t score a kill, you definitely will get some damage and traumatize attackers going on B halls. 


This is a full site lock down setup. Place your turret on Heaven walkout, then your alarm bot around site coming from B long. Then, place a molly on the default planting spot (or wherever your enemies plant if it was on a different location) and on B halls to maintain control of it. 


Please be aware that this set up is full on for B site, not covering mid or anything else. 


If you’re looking to hold both Mid and Site simultaneously this is the setup for you. 


Place your alarm bot around site from B long and a molly on the default planting spot. 


After that place your turret on the cubby in Mid Link and hide in any corner you’d like. 


As soon as the barrier drops throw your swam grenade in front double doors and wait for the enemy contact to activate your utility. 


This is best done on enemy eco rounds as they are very likely to hard execute mid link. 


Similarly, here is a set up for A site and Art. Place a grenade on the default planting spot on A, then place a turret on top of the box to play as a distraction for enemies pushing. Then, hide behind the box and place both of your alarm bot and swamp grenade in front of the Art. 


As soon as the alarm bot ticks activate your molly and wait for attackers to push until they are spotted by the turret then surprise peek them. 


It will catch them off guard 100%! 

Killjoy Setups - Attack Ultimate Spots


One of Killjoy’s key abilities is her ultimate which allows her to force enemies out to obtain control and space. Her ultimate is superior when taking a site, It is a free card to plant the spike in most cases. However, you do need to consider where you are going to place your ultimate as it has a certain range which if placed improperly will not benefit you as much. Here are the most common ultimate spots for killjoy on the attacking side: 


B Site:


This is the most common ultimate spot for killjoy while attacking B site. It might get you to spend a little bit of effort to clear B long and get there safely, but once you have done that enemies can only hide on B halls on those little corners. 


We advise that you use mollies or any way to ensure that you corner those enemies on B halls and take complete control of it. 


A Site:


When you are ulting A site, it is much easier and safer. All you need to do is get to that corner shown in the picture and place your ultimate then wait. 


Please remember, that you always need to wait for smokes before you push as enemies can still see you walking from certain positions if you haven’t placed any smokes. 


Also, never push before your ultimate takes enough time to clear enemies out. You need to wait until there are at least 4 seconds left for the ultimate to expire to start pushing towards site. 

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