KAY/O Valorant Guide

KAY/O Valorant Guide
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KAY/O Valorant guide that will explain everything you need to know about the Agent and the best way to play with it. From his strengths to weaknesses, you will find everything you need to know about KAY/O.


KAY/O is one of the four available Initiators in the game. The Agent was added to the game on the 22nd of June 2021 with patch 3.0.



KAY/O Role


Every Agent in the game has a role, and Sova is Initiator. He has abilities, which can help him and his teammates to reveal the position of the opponent. The second part of his abilities help him to take damage to enemies in a very short time.





  • Ability type: Basic
  • Function: Deterrent
  • Credits: 200
  • Uses: 1


FRAG/ment is a Deterrent ability that KAY/O must equip before casting. A Deterrent is a type of ability that is used to flush enemies out of positions by threatening to kill them if they attempt to stay in that location.



During casting FRAG/ment, KAY/0 will throw the fragment that sticks as soon as it comes into contact with a horizontal surface. After hitting the surface, it starts to emit multiple explosions, dealing damage within a five-meter radius of the point of contact. The fragment only deals damage to entities that are in the line of sight of the center of the AoE.



Additional information:


  • Windup: 0.5 seconds
  • Radius: 5 meters
  • Damage: 25-50 per tick; Total 100-240
  • Ticks/Tick rate: 1 every 1 seconds; Total 4 ticks
  • Duration: 4 seconds





  • Ability type: Basic
  • Function: Flash
  • Credits: 250
  • Uses: 2


FLASH/drive is a Blind ability that KAY/O must equip before casting. A Blind is a type of ability that negatively affects an agent's vision, temporarily limiting what they are able to see in front of them. 



Upon casting, he will throw a flash grenade that detonates after a set amount of time. If you’re cast by Primary fire, your flash will detonate in 1.6 seconds. If you’re cast by Alt fire, your flash will detonate in 1 second. The effect of FLASH/drive is the same as other Blind abilities: Breach’s flashpoint, Skye’s guiding light, etc. Max blind duration is 2.1 seconds.






  • Ability type: Signature
  • Function: Intel, Suppressant
  • Uses: 1
  • Restock: 40 seconds


ZERO/point is an Intel and Suppressant ability that KAY/O has to equip before casting. During casting, he throws a blade that sticks as soon as it comes into contact with a surface. On contact, the blade will begin to wind up. When the blade opens, it emits a flash that affects all KAY/0’'s opponents within 15 meters of the blade.



If the effect of the blade hits the opponents, then Kaio and his teammates will receive information about their location thanks to the mini-map.






  • Ability type: Ultimate
  • Function: Empowerment; Suppressant; Revive
  • Ult points: 7


NULL/cmd is primarily an Empowerment and Suppressant ability that KAY/O can instantly activate to begin briefly winding up, after which he becomes overloaded and emits a pulse that suppresses any enemy agents within range. For the duration of the ultimate, KAY/O will continue to periodically emit more suppressing pulses from his location.


If enemies kill KAY/O when during NULL/cmd, instead of death, he would be downed and enter a destabilized state, giving him increased HP (850) and a countdown which will cause him to be killed if it completes. He can still see everything that is going on in front of him. His allies can revive him, within 15 seconds of falling. If you resurrect him, then KAY/O will have 100 hp and the effect of the ultimate will disappear.



How you should play with KAY/O


Somehow, the gameplay on Kayo is similar to the Sova. That is, KAY/O has an ability (ZERO/POINT) thanks to which you can reconnoiter one of the bombsites, then use two flash drives to help the teammates get to some point, and finally use FRAG/ment to zone out/slow down the opponents' exit. That is, players on KAY/O can play both alone and in 2-3. Of course, it is better to move around the map in a group.



You can also choose a style in which KAY/O will play as an anchor, for example, for defense, but then ideally have another initiator in the team. For an attack, in 99% of cases, it is better to play with a team, and not, for example, as a lurker.



KAY/O Weakness


The problem with this character now is that opponents know about almost all of his abilities before they are activated. For example, if KAY/O has thrown a flush, then you have 1.5 seconds to back it up. Or, for example, you can destroy the Blade with a weapon before it is activated. Another thing this character lacks is the ability to stun, like, for example, Breach or Astra.


And the weakest side, as for me, is the ultimate. That is, for the initiator, you need to have some kind of team ultimate, like Breach, in order for the whole team to benefit.


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