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The Best Fade Lineups For Haven

The Best Fade Lineups For Haven
Written by: Weeii

Haven is a versatile initiator agent in Valorant, equipped with a powerful set of abilities that can gather information and control the battlefield. One of her key strengths lies in his ability to set up precise lineups, which are pre-determined locations where his abilities will land. These lineups can be used to clear out areas, gather information, and even secure kills.


There are many different Fade lineups that can be used on various maps in Valorant, each with its own specific purpose and application. Today we will demonstrate the best Fade lineups for each key location on the map Haven that will enable you to utilize her kit to the maximum of its ability and ensure the highest chances of winning. 


These lineups will cover all the important aspects such as attacking, defending, and even retaking. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting out on the agent, this guide will be a step up and great help for your gameplay on Fade while playing Haven




Fade Lineups - Attacking Side 


While initiators are often associated with duelists, they play in a completely different way and adapt various possibilities than what a duelist player would. She is classified as an information initiator, unlike the flasher initiators who are more focused to find ways to flash for their duelist’s entry, you as a Fade try to find the gaps in the enemy team and gather information that your team can use to open and execute sites a lot more effectively. Here’s how you can utilize Fade's lineups on attack:


Starting the attacking side on A is a common hit. And for good reason, A is hard to retake therefore executing it successfully can enhance your chances of winning said round. This haunt will help you reveal everyone towards A short or even site for that matter. It might not reveal backsite players. 


To do that lineup, simply stand in the corner against the boxes and aim at that little cloak looking circle on the building of A heaven just as the picture shows. 


And then, throw your haunt. 


B site is often overwhelming as it’s one of the harder sites to execute and maintain control of after planting. This haunt will give you a good chance at revealing most dangerous positions on B site. 


To do it, simply come over here or anywhere close to it, and aim at that spot. Your goal is to land the haunt on top of the huge metal boxes in the center for it to take chance at everyone there. 


Simply throw your haunt there. 


This is a perfect simple lineup on the spot to push Garage. It’s good for the fact that it’ll distract anyone playing there trying to break it or they’ll be revealed giving you the chance to wallbang them. 


To do it, come over to this corner in front of Garage and aim at that spot of the led bar. Then,


Just throw your haunt. It’ll go through and reveal everyone. 

Fade Lineups - Defending Side


It might not seem inevitably clear how important an initiator like Fade is on defense, but the reality is you play a key part in winning even defensive sides. Utilizing her ability kit to gather as much information as you can on the attacking team’s positioning and moves can be the game changer and lead to victory. Here are the best lineups to defend and gather early information with Fade:


This is the perfect lineup to earn early information on attackers executing A site. You can do it while playing from next to short, and it’ll reveal everyone on A long and possibly A lobby if they’re close enough. 


Come around this spot on A site and line up the edge of your prowler bar with the edge of this wooden box. And then, 


Do a simple throw. 


This is the best haunt to defend B site if enemies are trying to execute it. It’s especially useful if it was smoked, as it’ll reveal everyone and you can shoot them through. In addition to the fact that it’s hard to destroy as it lands somewhat on a high spot.


To do it, simply look at that spot of the window and then 


Throw your haunt. 


Coming into defending C site, this lineup is very simple yet unexpected. It will take everyone attacking C by surprise. This haunt reveals everyone on C lobby. 


To do it, simple come to this spot. This redline should be aligned with the line of C long just as shown in the picture. Then, aim your crosshair on top of this circle and 


Run, jump and throw your haunt. 

Fade Lineups - Retakes 


Retaking is a part of playing defense, but it reverses the roles as after you’ve lost site it’s almost like you’re attacking to open site again. With that, you need proper lineups and knowledge to corner attackers and ensure your team gets the lead when it comes to positions and info. Here are the best retaking lineups for Fade:


This is the best haunt to retake A site with. It will reveal everyone on C site except for under and it’s very hard to destroy or see coming. 


To do it, come stand by the corner of the wooden boxes close to CT on A and then line up the upper edge of your ultimate’s logo with the bottom edge of this window right here. 


And then, throw your haunt. 


This haunt on C site will crumble your enemy’s defense for site as it reveals every crucial position played during post plants. That is, with the exception of C long and Garage, but that’s for you to clear/smoke. 


To do it, come against the right corner right out of B site, and then use your haunt’s mouse HUD to line it up next to that circle on the line just as in the picture. 


And then, jump-throw your haunt. 

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