The Best Sage Walls For Fracture

The Best Sage Walls For Fracture
Written by: Weeii

Mastering the strategic use of Agents' abilities can often mean the difference between victory and defeat. Sage, the healer and sentinel extraordinaire, plays a pivotal role in controlling the battlefield with her heals and ice-cold barriers. Today, we delve deeper of optimal strategies to discover the best Sage walls out there.


From the most effective wall placements to the nuances of defensive and offensive tactics, this comprehensive guide will be your ultimate resource to elevate your Sage gameplay and dominate in your next matches. This guide will include a little bit of everything, such as Attacking, Defensive and even Post Plant walls. So, buckle up, and let's go on a journey together as we unlock the best Sage wall spots you can use on the map Fracture.



Sage Off-Angle Walls


As a Sage, you’re often required to use your walls and slows to help delay or stop an execute so that you fulfill your Sentinel role duties. But walling off choke points can become very repetitive and therefore, it will be countered. So what do you do? Now you will explore one of the most fun aspects of playing Sage where you’ll be able to create off angles and unexpected plays by placing your wall in unusual but very beneficial spots. Here are the best plays you can create: 


This sage wall is often overlooked while being one of the greatest options to use when you’re retaking A site. By just coming over to the corner on sand and walling yourself up, you’ll have an exceptional off angle to see the entirety of site and nobody will expect you or pre aim you which will give you the advantage in those fights. 


To do it, just come over to the corner right next to this box on Sands and wall yourself up. This is the view you’ll get, by standing just here you make it harder for enemies to shoot you as they only see your head while you can fully spot them. 


Another great wall for A site is going to hit 2 birds with 1 rock. This wall, will take over Dish completely blocking it but it still can give you an incredible off angle to play off on top of it. 

All you need to do is to angle it just like so and stay on top of it or drop if you want to use it as a regular chokepoint block. 




Going to B site, this is a perfect wall you can use from Tower on the defending side. It’s not hard to do and it’ll give you an amazing off angle. This will allow you to take a peek at Generator (CT) When defenders are retaking the B site. It’s often overlooked so you’ll be guaranteed to get at least one pick. 


To do it, come over to Arcade, look behind you, and try to place your wall as much to the outer extent as possible. Then, standing on top of it you’ll be able to come over to this corner and peek Generator CT. 


Now we’ll take on B but from an another perspective. This time, you are the retaker. And with this wall you’ll be able to climb on top of Generator from CT and get a surprising off angle on those playing site, as well as those playing on Arcade. 


This is what it’ll look like. Coming from CT, all you need to do is to wall yourself up by lining up the corner and you’ll have this view. You can as well get on top of Generator to watch Arcade and B Main to cover up for your teammates. 


We’ve covered both defending and retaking, and now we’ve moving on to attacking B site from Arcade. This wall will block CT but here’s the trick, you’ll be able to play an off angle on top of it. The fact that it blocks the chokepoint will be your key to trick them and get free kills as they push out of it. 


This is what it will look like when you perform this wall. Coming from Arcade, wall it with an angle just like so and you’ll be able to elevate yourself while also blocking defenders. 

Sage Plant Walls


Aside from Off Angles and defending sites, you as a sentinel play a very important role in post plant scenarios. Now you might ask, what can you do as a Sage? A slow lineup won’t do or help stopping enemies from defusing the spike. But, you can still use your walls to block off the spike which in return will make it harder for defenders to break it as they retake and try to tap the spike. In rounds where a few seconds are the difference, these wall spots are going to be a round changing play. So here are the best Sage walls to use after you’ve planted the spike: 



While this does not inevitably protect your spike, it’ll give you so many advantages when done correctly. One, it’ll be hard for retakers to break the wall and place your utility on you to get through and defuse the spike. For two, it’ll be extremely hard to spot you as this wall also creates an amazing hideout which can get overlooked pretty easily. 


Placing it like that, you’ll be able to hide behind the wall and this will also make the corner a lot harder to clear. This will create a little gap at the end of the wall, but this might be to your side as enemies can’t all rush out from one little gap which will enable you to isolate fights unless they take the time to completely destroy the wall. 


This is hands down the best wall you can use if you want to delay the defusal process. It’s easy to do and if you’re planting on Default, it might be a good idea to give it a shot. 



To do it, come over to the corner and wall it up just like so. Now, make sure you’ve planted the spike first and then you have the choice. You can either place your wall and leave it for time, go on top of it and challenge the off angle or hide behind it on the spike if you’re looking to spice it up.


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