The Best Fade Lineups on Ascent

The Best Fade Lineups on Ascent
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Fade is a unique and effective initiator in VALORANT. Although this agent appeared in VALORANT not so long ago, he has already earned a place in competitive matches. Ascent is one of the maps where Fade feels good. Here you will find the best Fade lineups for Ascent.





A Site


This lineup helps you to receive information about opponents towards A site. You must walk out to A Link and stand in front of the vase. Then aim like on image, jump, and throw.




The reveal falls between the cubby and A Lobby.




Retake A Site


If you played the round on B and came to retake A Site, this reveal helps you to do that. You must come to Heaven, stand like on the image. Then aim at the corner of the beam, jump and throw.




The reveals fall above A Site and will give information about the enemy's almost anywhere on the site. Expect under haven, so you need to check it.




B Site


This lineup helps you to get information about the enemy's on the B site at the beginning of the round. You must stand on B Line like on the image, aim, jump and throw.


b_fade ascent 1


The result is compelling. The orb falls on top of a building, giving a lot of info about B Lobby.


b_fade ascent 2






A Site


This a one of the most popular lineups on Fade for A Site. You must stand in front of the bicycle in A Lobby, aim like on the image, jump and throw.


A attack Ascent 1


The orb falls on top of the A Site and gives information about the whole area.


A attack_ascent 2


B Site


The last one, you can use on B Site if you want to play fast or just execute this Site. You must come to B Main, stand on the left corner, aim like on image and throw.




This reveal lets you receive information about enemies from each close angle on the way to B Site.



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