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Valorant Streamer Demands Harsher Penalties for In-Game Threats

Valorant Streamer Demands Harsher Penalties for In-Game Threats
Written by: ASH

A disturbing incident in Valorant has sparked outrage after Australian Twitch streamer Taylor Morgan shared a clip where a teammate made severe sexual assault threats. The community and Morgan are calling for Riot Games to implement stricter consequences, including hardware bans, to combat such harmful behavior effectively.


During a live stream, Morgan was shocked by a teammate's explicit threat. She immediately left the game and ended her broadcast, later expressing her frustration online. Morgan's strong reaction highlights the inadequacy of the current penalty system, which only led to a temporary suspension for the offending player and ironically, a penalty against her for quitting the match.



The Valorant community is rallying behind Morgan, demanding that Riot Games reevaluate their approach to handling toxicity. The incident reveals a larger issue within the gaming space, where severe threats and harassment still occur, despite previous efforts by Riot to monitor and curb such behavior through measures like voice chat recording.


Players are advocating for more substantial actions like hardware bans to prevent repeat offenses effectively. The current system's failure to deter such behavior suggests a need for more severe and impactful penalties.


Morgan's call to action underscores a significant concern in the gaming community about safety and respect. Riot Games' response to such incidents will be crucial in shaping the future of community interactions in Valorant and potentially setting a standard for other online gaming environments.

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