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10 Valorant Terms for beginners : Part 4

10 Valorant Terms for beginners : Part 4
Image Credit: Riot games
Written by: Diaa

No matter how much time you spend with valorant, there's always something new to learn.
Especially if you are new to the game, it may be annoying to hear terms in the in-game chat or game-related content that you don't understand.


In this article we will go through some terms and explain what does it mean, make sure to share it with your beginner friends !

  1. MOLLY : A Molotov like grenade ability but slower than a grenade, example : Brimstone’s molly and  Phoenix, and it deals more damage by the time.
  2. ONE TAP: 

    When enough damage has been done to a player that they are literally one tap of someone else’s trigger/mouse away from being sent to the spectator screen.
  3. Save: Choosing not to fight to keep your weapon, that's a very good strategy if you're the enemy team will outnumber you and there's no enough time to defuse the spike.

  4. OP : stands for Operator sniper, which is expensive, but it can one shoot your enemies, meanwhile the "marshal" sniper needs 2 shots at the beginning, sometimes it may mean "overpowered"

  5. PREFIRE: this term isn't only used in valorant but due to the small-time to reach as a human, sometimes it's recommended to try the "PreFire" as you will shot at the most expected wall that enemies mostly will stand near to it and hope it will work, it will take a time to do impressive plays with a technique like that.


  6. Heaven: usually a High place  there can be more than a one heaven on the map, and you can find one on most of the maps 

  7. Hell: A general term to describe the area beneath Heaven, but it's not used as much as "Heavn"
     A generic name for the area beneath Heaven. There are often other names for specific spots on maps, but many players use Hell as a general term in the heat of the moment.
  8. REZ : shortcut version for sages ultimate ability "resurrection" which revive a teammate after they die.


  9. THRIFTY: a cool way to win the round as it require winning the round with an enemy agent's weapon.


  10. PISTOL ROUND: The first round of the match and sometimes the second too, despite being more simple

    than the other rounds, but there's a decent number of options to select from, like what sidearm will you use?

    What abilities will you buy ?

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