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Immortals announce the departure of Rossy

Immortals announce the departure of Rossy
Image Credit: Immortals
Written by: carrico14

After a half-year with the organization, Immortals decided to release Rossy and will now search for a fifth member.


Rossy joined Immortals on trial but quickly made it into the active roster, during his time with the organization the team results were always up and down, the team was still able to win tournaments like the Community Gaming Premier Series Finale, however, the results in official Riot Games tournaments were not as good as expected, and Immortals was also not able to qualify into the NA LCQ.


The organization thanked Rossy for all the hard work he put in while being a part of Immortals and wished the player the best in the future.



With Rossy departure Immortals now have to find a new player to complete the roster.


Immortals active roster is the following:


mn Flag Genghsta

us Flag  ShoT_UP

ca Flag  JonahP

az Flag EmilShe1n (trial)





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