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NiP qualify for Red Bull Home Ground #2 over LDN UTD

NiP qualify for Red Bull Home Ground #2 over LDN UTD
Image Credit: RedBullUK
Written by: ar1essss

Ninjas in Pyjamas have qualified for Red Bull Home Ground #2 after a 2-1 victory over LDN UTD.



Despite the victory in pistol round on Breeze, NiP lost first half 3:9. They started to close the gap on defense, but when NiP got too close to LDN UTD, Lithuanians made a good A split, which helped them to seize the initiative, and won first map 13:10.


Then both maps passed under the dictation of NiP. Without any chances or hints for LDN UTD, NiP won Bind and Fracture with the same scores - 13:8, and became the last team to participate in Red Bull Home Ground #2.



The participants’ list for the €54,000 event, which is set to take place from November 4-7, looks as follows:


eu Flag G2 Esports
ru Flag Natus Vincere
eu Flag Team Liquid
eu Flag Giants Gaming
eu Flag Acend
eu Flag Fnatic
tr Flag Futbolist
tr Flag SuperMassive Blaze
eu Flag Team Heretics
eg Flag Anubis
eu Flag FunPlus Phoenix
ru Flag Gambit Esports
de Flag BIG
fr Flag Team BDS
eu Flag Ninjas in Pyjamas


Oct 22 at 7:08 PM
Great list of teams
Oct 22 at 5:54 PM
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