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IVY won Average Jonas Tournament Series

IVY won Average Jonas Tournament Series
Image Credit: IVYValo
Written by: ar1essss

IVY won Average Jonas Tournament Series after beating GiefKalash in an exciting three-map series.



Average Jonas Tournament Series is a competition organized by Team Liquid's streamer AverageJonas and Norwegian organization Apeks.


In the tournament participated 128 teams from the United Kingdom, Nordic countries and Ireland. In the grand-final, IVY met with Norwegian team GiefKalash.


In the first map, Icebox, GiefKalash thanks to vong's performance on Reyna (33-19) clinched the victory on overtimes, 14:12.


In the second map, Haven, IVY managed to crush the opponent 13:4. GiefKalash came out with all guns blazing on the decider map and ran all over the IVY defence to race to a commanding 4-1 lead.


But IVY were able to end the first half with a tied score. GiefKalash again started the half from 4-1, but IVY again closed the gap, and won the third map 13:11 to become the champions.


For the victory in Average Jonas Tournament Series, IVY receive $3,000.

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