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YaBoyDre leaves Luminosity

YaBoyDre leaves Luminosity
Image Credit: Luminosity/YaBoiDre
Written by: carrico14

YaBoyDre became a restricted free agent and will now search for a new team.


YaBoyDre announced today on his Twitter he became a restricted free agent, the player the represented Luminosity for eight months will now have to look for a new home.


During his time on Luminosity, the team was able to reach VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: North America Stage 1 Masters and was able to place in the top three in four tournaments, despite that the team was never able to solidify themselves as a top-five team in the region, in their last big tournament the North American Last Chance Qualifier, the team lost their first match against XSET 2-1 dropping to the lower bracket where they lost again this time versus GEN.G Esports 2-0 and were eliminated from the tournament.


In a post on Twitter, the player thanked the organization for everything it had done for him and also showed love for all his former teammates and wished them the best of luck in the future.



YaBoyDre is a young and talented player and I'm certain he will find a new organization sooner rather than later.


The player is now open to offers and is looking to play as a Flex or Main smokes.


This marks the entry of another talented North American player into the free agency market, and we will for sure see more players doing the same in the next couple of weeks.



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