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FPX bench Shadow and dimastick and are currently trialing top-tier talent to fill their spots.

FPX bench Shadow and dimastick and are currently trialing top-tier talent to fill their spots.
Written by: carrico14

FPX bench Shadow and dimasick and are currently trialing top-tier talent to fill their spots.


The Chinese esports organization FPX announced today the benching of Shadow and dimasick from their Valorant roster as well as moving the two players to the transfer list.


The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise as there were already rumors of the organization intent on benching the two players and refresh the roster due to the poor performance of the team in the past few months.


Bad results in the past few months lead the organization to think a change was necessary.


Even though the team was considered one of the best in Europe especially in stage 1 and stage 2 of the Valorant Challenger series the team results as of recently have been disappointing, they failed to make it out of groups in the EMEA Challengers finals not qualifying to Master Reykjavik, and in the EMEA stage 3 Challengers playoffs even though they were still among the favorites they place between 9th and 12th place, winning their first series but them being knocked down to the losers bracket by SuperMassive Blaze and losing 2-1 to Forze in the lower bracket being eliminated from the tournament way sooner than most people expected.


These results made the organization think that change is necessary, with FPX manager peca saying: “We at FPX are constantly striving to reach the top” and “Unfortunately, we have failed to do so this season, therefore, we are about to make some changes and prepare ourselves for the next season with a fresh lineup”.


FPX also have no chance to qualify for the last chance qualifier as they sit at 11th  place with 105 circuit points in the EMEA standings, meaning they have no chance of making Champions and their season is basically over.


The organization now has their eyes set on 2022 and are already searching for the players that will replace Shadow and dimasick in the lineup, peca said: “ We are currently trialing top tier talent” and “I’m sure the future will be very bright for us in 2022.


The FPX manager also wished good luck to Shadow and dimasick, both players remain under contract, peca said: “I would like to wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors” and “I'm sure they will find the best possible home as they deserve it”.


The players also thanked the organization for their time on the team and their support during the last year.




As of right now, FPX active roster is the following


ua Flag  ANGE1

ru Flag  Shao

se Flag Zyppan



se Flag  ShadoW

kz Flag dimasick


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