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LVP - Rising Series #3 groups revealed

LVP - Rising Series #3 groups revealed
Written by: ar1essss

LVP has revealed the groups and opening matchups of the upcoming LVP - Rising Series #3, taking place from August 28th until September 7th.


16 teams from qualifier, 8 from Spanish, 8 from European qualifier, were divided into 4 groups. All matches withing group stage are bo1.


Group A (August 28):


eu Flag Acend

pt Flag SAW
pl Flag Team Queso
eu Flag Angry Titans

Opening matches:

eu Flag ACEND vs eu Flag Angry Titans
pt Flag SAW vs pl Flag Team Queso

Group B (August 29):



eu Flag Movistar Riders
ru Flag Crypto Esports

Opening matches:

ru Flag SUPRMODE vs ru Flag Crypto Esports
eu Flag Movistar Riders vs es Flag dATHITANS

Group C (August 30):


eu Flag Giants Gaming

se Flag UCAM Esports Club
hu Flag WiLD MultiGaming

Opening matches:

se Flag UCAM Esports Club vs gb Flag TENSTAR
eu Flag Giants Gaming vs hu Flag WiLD MultiGaming

Group D (August 30):


es Flag 19esports

eu Flag Fnatic
il Flag Team Finest
cz Flag eSuba

Opening matches:

es Flag 19esports vs eu Flag Fnatic
il Flag Team Finest vs cz Flag eSuba



Then two best teams from each group advance to the playoffs, where the single-elimination bracket wait for them. All matches are bo3. The prize pool of LVP - Rising Series #3 is €5,000.

All images rights belong to LVP. 

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