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NA VCT Week 5 predictions

NA VCT Week 5 predictions
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

The last week of Champions Tour North America Stage 1: Challengers is here. Week five will be important to determine the team's standings heading into playoffs. Since we already know most of the teams that are locked in for the playoffs. 


We will also be able to see the teams on the new patch and get a look at the new meta.


Without further ado, let's get right into the matches. 



Cloud9 X The Guard




We open week five with the game of the week, and possibly the best game of the group stage so far. 


Cloud9 and The Guard are still undefeated and will fight for the first spot of group A. This has banger written all over it and will be for sure a great series to watch. 


I will go with Cloud9 for this one. Both teams are hot coming into this one, but with the major changes from the last patch, both teams will have to adapt to a new meta. Cloud9 is in my opinion one of the most innovative teams and is not afraid to come up with something new.


The Guard is a much more prep-based team and the new patch changes can affect The Guard, while I feel Cloud9 is a much more adaptable team.  


Cloud9 has proved they can be a top team with this roster no matter the meta. Their defensive side is still the best in North America, and their roster is full of star power.


However, make no mistakes The Guard has a really good shot of taking this one home. The team has been playing amazingly, especially if you take into account they haven't been together for that long. 


It will be interesting to see how The Guard will do against possibly the best team in their region. 


Prediction: Cloud9







This is a must-win series for RISE. Rise needs to beat NRG and wait for Knights to defeat Optic Gaming in order to make it into the playoffs. 


As for NRG, they are playing for their first win of the tournament.


Despite RISE being a very hit-or-miss team, I still think they are the better team. They have more on the line, and despite not looking great they have shown a little more than NRG. 


They have a good roster, and maybe this new meta can benefit them. 


However, NRG did steamroll RISE on the first open qualifier for the Champions Tour North America Stage 1: Challengers.


Prediction: RISE



Version1 vs Sentinels


version1 logo


Another fight for the top spot, but this time on group B.


Version1 is still undefeated and is coming from a great win against Optic Gaming. While Sentinels had a close series versus RISE.


Version1 still looks like a top-two team in the region. Despite losing the first map, which was also their map pick, versus Optic Gaming in an overwhelming fashion 13-2. The team was able to bounce back and dominated the next two maps with a 13-5 scoreline.


Sentinels still don't look that good and despite some of the changes to the meta favoring them, I still see Version1 has simply the better team.


So far only NRG was able to come close to defeating Version 1, and Version1 looked dominant in all the other series. While Sentinels just don't look as good right now. 


One thing is certain, it will be a great series to watch.


Prediction: Version1



100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses




While Cloud9 and The Guard are fighting to go undefeated, Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves will do everything in their power to not go out without a win. 


Both teams sit at the bottom of group A with a 0-4 score.


The only thing teams have to play for in this game is their honor, and try not to leave empty-handed. 


I will go with 100 Thieves on this one. Despite still being more of a mix than a professional team, in my opinion, they are individually better and have shown some good performances. 


The series against Luminosity was a very close one, and the one against Xset could also have gone their way. 


Prediction: 100 Thieves


Optic Gaming vs Knights





Another very important game especially for Optic Gaming. While Knights are only playing for seeding, if RISE wins Optic Gaming must win this series in order to qualify for playoffs. 


Both teams prepare really well for their opponents. Optic Gaming had their homework done on the map picks of Sentinels and Veersion1, in their last two series. 


Knights have probably the best Ascent in North America, they are a very well-prepared team and look like they are improving with each week that goes by. 


This is a very 50-50 game in my opinion. Knights showed they can take maps, and make series against top teams very close. 


However, Optic Gaming has more on the line, and I think that will be the deciding factor in this series. If Optic Gaming can continue their recent trend of dominating map one, and can take that momentum to the remaining of the series, they will have a very good shot of taking this one home and guaranteeing their playoff spot. 


Prediction: Optic Gaming



XSET vs Luminosity Gaming




Another game that is important for seeding. XSET will face Luminosity Gaming for third place in Group A.


Both teams haven't looked amazing in their last two series but I still give XSET the advantage on this one.


They proved they can take maps from the top teams like Cloud9 and The guard, and have also a very talented roster.


I see XSET as the heavy favorites for this one, and I am sure they will come very prepared for this series. 


Prediction: XSET


The playoffs are just around the corner, and we are closer and closer to see who is going to be crowned the king of North American Valorant. 


Don't forget to leave your predictions in the comments.

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