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Valorant Around The Globe

Valorant Around The Globe
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

North America




Week 5 was the last week of the group's stage and decided the seeding of some of the teams for playoffs. 


Cloud9 defeated The Guard 2-1 and claimed the first spot of group A. In the first map The guard dominated with a 13-7 win on Bind, however, Cloud9 came back with a 13-4, 13-2 win on Ascent and Haven.


In a series RISE had to win in order to keep their playoffs dream alive, NRG proved to be the better team winning 2-0 in a very dominant fashion. With a 13-7, 13-4, on Fracture and Haven, NRG took their first series victory.  


100 Thieves also won their first series of the tournament, with a 2-0 victory over Evil Geniuses. It was a very close series, but 100 thieves were able to take Breeze 13-11, and Haven 14-12. With this result, Evil Geniuses leaves the tournament winless. 


XSET also 2-0 Luminosity Gaming, and claimed the third spot on group A. Breeze was a very dominant win by SXET 13-5. While Split was a much closer map, despite that XSET was still able to come out on top 13-11.


Version1 continued their great run of form, 2-0 Sentinels, securing the first spot, and just like Cloud9 they also leave their group undefeated. They won Ascent 13-4, and Haven 13-11. 


Optic Gaming secured second place in Group B, with a dominant 2-0 win versus Knights. 13-6 on Ascent, a map where Knights are considered one of the best in North America, and a 13-7 win on Bind.


With these results, the playoff bracket will look like this:






vcr emea 800x400.large


This week the EMEA region had ten games since some games from the previous week's hadn't taken place yet.


Fnatic defeated SuperMassive Blaze 2-0 in the first series of the week. With a 13-9 on Icebox and a 13-4 in Ascent, they took the 2-0 series win. 


G2 Esports had a great performance against BBL Esports, winning 2-0 in a dominant fashion on both maps. 13-7 on Icebox and 13-3 on Split.


Guild Esports defeated SuperMassive Blaze 2-1. After losing the first map 13-10 on Haven, Guild Esports bounced back with a 13-1 on Breeze. Icebox was the final map and was a very close one. Guild Esports managed to come out on top with a 19-17 win.


In one of the most anticipated series of this week, FPX defeated Team Liquid 2-0 with a very solid performance. Both maps were one-sided, and FPX dominated the series with a 13-6 on Ascent, and 13-7 on Haven. If FPX wins their next series they will secure the first spot on group A.


Fnatic 2-0 Acend and if they win their next series they will secure the first spot of Group B. Fnatic was in control for the majority of both games. They won Haven 13-4, and Ascent 13-10. Fnatic is also still undefeated and only dropped one map so far ( to G2 Esports on Ascent).


Navi defeated BIG 2-1. Despite BIG taking the first map with a convincing 13-6 win, Navi was able to bounce back. In Bind, Navi won 18-16 in a nail bitter game. Ascent was the final map and once again Navi came out on top in a very close game with a 13-10 win. Navi needs one more win to qualify for the playoffs. 


LDN UTD won against FPX 2-1 and is still in the race for playoffs. When everyone was expecting a victory for FPX after their great showing against Team Liquid. LDN UTD showed up in a massive way. LDN UTD won Haven 13-10, but FPX bounced back with a 13-5 dominant win on Fracture. Ascent was another very close game that saw LDN UTD come out on top. 


G2 Esports defeated Guild Esports 2-0 in a massive in for the samurai. With a 13-9 win on Bind, and a 13-7 on Icebox, G2 Esports are qualified for the playoffs with this win. 


Team Liquid defeated BIG 2-0 and is qualified for playoffs. They won Bind 14-12 in a very close map where Big looked like they were going to take it on regular time. Split was a more one-sided map with Team Liquid winning 13-6. Big is still winless.


BBL Esports shocked the world with a 2-1 win over Acend, who was playing with a stand-in. BBL Esports dominated the first map with a 13-6 on Haven. Acend would strike back on SPlit with a close 13-11 win. However, BBL Esports proved to be the better team that day, taking Ascent 13-6. With this result, Acend finished fifth in group B and didn't make the playoffs. 


EMEA Group Stage standings:






valorant challengers brazil.main


TBK Esports defeated Liberty 2-0 and secured the second spot of group A. They won 13-9 on Breeze and 13-4 on Bind. 


LOUD continues to look unstoppable. They dominated the series against Team Vikings with two 13-4 wins, one on Ascent, and the other on Icebox. They also secured the first spot of Group A undefeated. 


Keyd Stars defeated FURIA 2-1 in the best series of the week. With all the maps being very close, Kyed Stars got the lead after a 15-13 win on Icebox. FURIA tied the series with a 13-11 win on Ascent. Breeze was the final map, and Keyd Stars came out on top with a 13-9 win. With this result, Keyd Stars secured second place in group B.


Ninjas in Pyjamas dominated their series against INGAMING Esports. They won Breeze 13-7 and Icebox 13-6. With this result, they secured first place in Group B.


With these results, the playoff bracket will look like this:




Latin America South


vct latam.large


In the play-in that gives access to the Latin America Stage 1 - Challengers Playoffs, only two teams would be able to qualify. 


9Z Team defeated Movistar Optix 2-0 in the elimination match. With a 13-9 on Haven, and a 13-8 on Bind advancing to the decider series.


In the upper final the two favorites to make it through faced off. Leviatán dominated the series against KRÜ Esports, something no one was expecting. the team won Ascent 13-2, and Breeze 13-8, securing their place in the Latin America Stage 1 - Challengers Playoffs.


KRÜ Esports faced 9Z Team in the decider match and picked up an easy 2-0 win. 13-3 on Split and 13-4 on Haven. Booking their ticket to the Latin America Stage 1 - Challengers Playoffs.


Latin America North Stage


Six Karma dominated their series against Infinity Esports with a 2-0 win. 13-6 on Haven, and a 13-2 on Bind, advancing to the decider match. 


Fusion lost 2-1 against E-Xolos LAZER with all the maps being one-sided. Fusion won Icebox 13-4, but E-Xolos LAZER was able to come back and won the next two maps. 13-4 on fracture, and 13-1 on Split secured the team their spot in the Latin America Stage 1 - Challengers Playoffs.


In the decider match, Fusion defeated Six Karma 2-0 and qualified for the Latin America Stage 1 - Challengers Playoffs. With a 13-8 on Icebox, and 13-7 on Ascent. 


With these results, the playoff bracket will look like this:


imagem_2022 03 14_172439.large




In the semifinals of group A, FAV gaming defeated BLUE BEES.ESP 2-0 and qualified for the playoffs. FAV Gaming won Split 13-9, and Breeze 13-8.


In the other semifinals of group A, NORTHEPTION beat DETONATOR 2-0 and also secured playoffs. NORTHEPTION won Split 13-11, and Bind 13-10.


In the grand finals of group A, NORTHEPTION won 2-0 versus FAV gaming. NORTHEPTION won Breeze 13-10, and Haven 13-6.


Group B first semifinal was Reignite versus FENNEL. Reignite came out on top with the 2-0 win. A 13-5 on SPlit, and a 13-7 on Haven secured Reignite a place in the playoffs. 



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