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Immortals win Community Gaming Premier Series Finale

Immortals win Community Gaming Premier Series Finale
Image Credit: Immortals
Written by: ar1essss

Immortals won against Complexity 2:0 (16:14; 13:11) in the grand final of Community Gaming Premier Series Finale.

Community Gaming Premier Series Finale is the tournament for 32 teams from North America. Immortals lost in the first match in upper bracket, against YFP Gaming. All matches in lower bracket were bo1 and Immortals managed to win them. They took 6 victories in a row, won against Pittsburgh Knights, SoaR, DIVIZE and others.

Their rival in the grand final was Complexity, who made it here without any problems, having won all the matches in the upper bracket. Complexity managed to win the first half on Haven, but failed to contain the onslaught of the Immortals, who were able to transfer the game into overtime. Firstly, Immortals had a match point, but didn't use it. The same happened with Complexity on the second series of overtimes. On the second try, Immortals managed to win two rounds in a row, and won the first map 16:14.

The second map followed a mirror scenario. Now Immortals had already first half 7:5, and then Complexity managed to close the gap, and lead 10:7. Immortals won five rounds in a row and come out ahead 12:10. Complexity managed to win only one round, had to lose Icebox 11:13.


For the victory in Community Gaming Premier Series Finale, Immortals receive $5,000, Complexity - $2500.

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