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The Top 10 NA VCT Stage 1 Clutches of 2022

The Top 10 NA VCT Stage 1 Clutches of 2022
Written by: carrico14

The North American VCT is the highest level of competitive Valorant in the region. Because of that, it is full of talented players, so it's no surprise you will see some amazing plays and clutches.


However, it's very hard to decide on a top ten since you have so many quality clips to choose from. After a long time of searching and pondering which would be the clips to fit in this article, we finally decided on our top ten. 


We thought it would be unfair to label them from the worst to the best since all these clutches are insane, so we are going to let you guys decide on the order.  



We start with an Ace from former 100 Thieves player Boi.





This list wouldn't be credible without at least one "EL Diablo" clip so here is yay ACE on an eco round with Chamber "Tour de Force".





Zander Ace against NRG is one of the best you will ever see, in a 1v5 situation, the Version 1 IGL remained calm and showed he got ice in his veins. 





Trent has amazed everyone since joining the Guard and here is the young superstars 3k versus 100 Thieves.





100 Thieves Bang also enters this list with an Ace of his own versus Luminosity on Split. 





The big brain of North American Valorant also makes the list, as Vanity 3k clutch versus EG with just 5hp is a sight to behold. 





yay is back with another Ace clutch this time against Version1 on Icebox. 





eeui 3k pistol round clutch versus Rise is the only pistol round clutch clip to enter our top ten. 





One of the best flex players in the world also makes the list, with Sick Ace versus NRG on Bind being on our top 10 plays. 





And last but not least is arguably the face of Valorant TenZ with a huge 4k versus Optic Gaming on Bind.


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