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Copenhagen to host Masters 2; Istanbul - Champions 2022

Copenhagen to host Masters 2; Istanbul - Champions 2022
Image Credit: Riot Games
Written by: ar1essss

Riot have announced the names of two city, which will host next international events within VCT 2022.



The next Masters will take place from July 10-24 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Distribution of the slots is as follows:


  • NA - 2
  • BR - 1
  • BR/LATAM* - 1
  • EMEA - 3
  • KR - 1
  • APAC** - 2
  • JP - 1


*LATAM and Brazil will compete for a second slot prior to each Masters

** APAC Challengers Playoffs will include South Asia and Ocenia


The next VALORANT Champions will take place from 2-18 September in Istanbul, Turkey. Sixteen teams, as a last year, will participate at this event. Ten of them will qualify through their performance during the regular season and six through the Last Chance Qualifiers taking place in August.


Also in their statement, Riot hinted that both tournaments can be held with spectators. The next information will come in a few weeks.

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