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VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers: Week 4 Predictions

VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers: Week 4 Predictions
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

Week four of the VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers is upon us and we have some very important games.


Some teams' playoff hopes depend on a win this week, while others can confirm the first place of their group. 


Without further ado, let's get right into the predictions. 



Acend vs G2 Esports 


600px Acend_full_lightmode



The game with the highest stakes of this week. With a win, Acend looks in playoffs while G2 Esports are forced to win this game since only a win will maintain them in the race for playoffs. 


G2 Esports come from a disappointing performance versus OG LDN UTD, while Acend comes from a hard loss versus Fnatic, who dominated the reigning world champions to win the series 2-0. 


The role swapping by G2 Esports didn't work at all against OG LDN UTD, and they looked a little bit lost. 


Acend also didn't look good versus Fnatic, but you can argue that Fantic is probably the best team in EMEA right now. 


I will go with Acend as my pick for this match. It's a very 50-50 match but I give Acend the slight edge since their heavy loss came against Fnatic, and they have shown me more so far in this Stage 2.


One thing is certain, this match will dictate the future of group B and is going to be a very close one. 


Pick: Acend



NAVI vs Team Liquid


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Team Liquid hasn't looked great but they have managed to defeat, on paper, weaker teams.


Individually Team Liquid is really good, and they rely a lot on their individuals to get them out of hard situations or win rounds they shouldn't.  


While they did lose against Guild Esports 2-1, with all the three maps being very one-sided for the winners, they proved they can take a map out of a top-three team in the region currently. 


NAVI hasn't shown me that much in this Stage 2, apart from taking a map from M3 Champions, and defeating BIG which is probably the weakest team in the tournament so far, when NAVI lose a map they get absolutely steamrolled. 


Therefore I will pick Team Liquid. By no means have they been playing to perfection but I feel they are better individually and that will make the difference here. 


Pick: Team Liquid



BIG vs M3 Champions


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M3 Champions have looked better and better with the passing of the tournament, and against BIG I expect a very good and dominant performance by them. 


BIG has also been improving but it's still not enough to defeat a team with the individual players and strategic brilliance of M3 Champions. 


It would be quite an upset if BIG managed to win this series, but I can see them maybe taking a map.


Pick: M3 Champions



OG LDN UTD vs FunPlus Phoenix 


FO3 cLgagAAqKgL


OG LDN UTD comes from a big upset win versus G2 Esports, so we shouldnt underestimate this team. 


However, I still think FPX is the favorite heading into this one. 


The reigning EMEA champions are a very deep team when it comes to team compositions, strategies, setups, and executes, and are always showing something new. 


So far they have only lost to Fnatic and is«n a very close series. 


It's safe to say FPX is a title contender and will be looking to win this game in order to confirm their playoff spot. 


But it will be interesting to see if OG LDN UNT can carry on the momentum from their win versus G2 Esports and maybe shock the world once again. 


Pick: FPX



BBL Esports vs Guild Esports





Guild Esports has been in an impressive form recently. They are still undefeated, and they have already played the two best teams in their group. 


They defeated Team Liquid 2-1 last week, and despite drooping one map they dominated in the other two maps. 


M3 Champions have also been defeated by the United Kingdom organization, in a 2-0 with both maps being one-sided wins by Guild Esports. 


BBL Esports have looked much better than on Stage 1, and I think they can make this series competitive. 


But I still think Guild Esports is the better team currently and should have many difficulties in winning this series, even if it goes to a third map. 


Pick: Guild Esports



FOKUS vs Fnatic


600px Fnatic_2020_allmode



There is not much to be said about this match. Fnatic has looked amazing so far, with Derke and Alfajer playing like superstar players so far. 


While FOKUS, despite making some maps very close, they have yet to win a series and have only one map of six possible. 


Fnatic also confirms the first spot in group A with a win here, so I expected them to bring their a game as they have done since the tournament started. 


Pick: Fnatic


All the image rights belong to, Acend, Fnatic, Guild Esports, Riot Games Valorant, FPX, and Team Liquid. 

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