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Falcons announce Valorant female team Falcons Vega

Falcons announce Valorant female team Falcons Vega
Image Credit: Team Falcons
Written by: carrico14

The biggest Esports organization in Saudi Arabia announced today their entry into the competitive Female Valorant scene, with a full Saudi Arabian roster. 



After Acend announced its entry into the scene, now was the time for one of the biggest organizations in the MENA region to do the same. 


This proves that the female scene in Valorant continues to grow and a lot of organizations have been entering the scene recently, with many others considering doing the same. 


Let's hope that with an organization as prestigious as Falcons more organizations in the MENA region will follow the same step and enter the Female scene. 


The female Valorant scene is more alive than ever and it shows only signs of getting even bigger in the near future. 


Falcons Vega roster is the following:


sa Flag Noor

sa Flag madv

sa Flag Luj

sa Flag Basma

sa Flag Dhay

sa Flag reta


ae Flag b1rd (Coach)

sa Flag xsvri (Manager)

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