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MiniBoo allowed to explore new opportunities by Arctic Gaming

MiniBoo allowed to explore new opportunities by Arctic Gaming
Image Credit: Arctic Gaming
Written by: carrico14

MiniBoo announced today on his Twitter that he was allowed to explore new opportunities despite still being under contract with Arctic Gaming.



The young prodigy was one of the best players in the VRL Spain this Split, and being just 16 years old and already showing so much talent it's certain that many teams in the VRLs and maybe even the VCT will try to sign him up. 


During his time in Arctic Gaming. he has played as the main operator, being it on Chamber or Jett, he was able to make a big impact and was one of the main reasons the team was able to reach the playoffs. 


The team lost in the quarter-finals versus Ucam 2-1, but for a squad most said was destined to play in the relegation tournament it was an amazing Split for the team. 


MiniBoo has proved he is one of the best players in all of the VRLs, so if he indeed ends up leaving Arctic Gaming the organization is going to have a difficult task trying to find a replacement for him. 


For now, only one thing is certain, MiniBoo will have many teams considering adding him as the last piece of the puzzle for a squad that can contend for a title. 


Arctic Gaming roster is now the following: 


lt Flag Marius "l0udly" Žilinskas

pt Flag Rui "TugaTV" Ribeiro

sk Flag Norbert "Dext" Paulovčák

fi Flag  Jere "synsi" Virtanen  


lt Flag Dominykas "MiniBoo" Lukaševičius (inactive)

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