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VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022 Day 8 Recap

VCT Masters Copenhagen 2022 Day 8 Recap
Image Credit: Riot Games Valorant
Written by: carrico14

On Day 8 of the Masters Copenhagen, we got to know which teams will face each other print the Upper Bracket Final. 


EMEA champions faced the APAC champions, while the North American second seed played against the Korean super team DRX. 


Here is the recap of the two series of the day. 



Paper Rex vs Fnatic




In the first series of the day tournament favorites, Fnatic battled with the APAC champions Paper Rex. 


Fnatic picked Ascent, while Paper Rex choose Bind. 


Haven would be the decider if necessary. 





Fnatic choose to start on the defensive side and was able to win the pistol and eco round. 



The EMEA squad choose to play very defensively, mainly sitting inside the bombsites, with Derke on chamber playing advance on Mid trying to get a pick. 


Paper Rex was able to get on the scoreboard by winning the bonus round, relatively clean. 


In the gun rounds, things started to go the way of Paper Rex. 


With some great executions, and spectacular mid-round calls the APAC champions were able to convert the next three rounds. 



However, in the most unlikely round, Fnatic was able to capitalize on the overextend of Paper Rex players and secured the thrifty win. 



Fnatic gained momentum after winning this round.


The adaptation they did defensively allowed them to take the lead 5-4. 


At halftime everything was tied 6-6, both teams were showing moments of brilliance, and we had a very close game in our hands. 


Paper Rex secured the pistol and eco round. 


In the bonus round, the APAC champions went for a very aggressive play, that saw Jinggg double sattle into B-link and get a kill, while d4v41 pushed to B main to help his teammate and was able to find Derke. 


Leaving the APAC team with a 5-3 advantage. 


However, Fnatic was able to come back into the round, and Boaster clutched it out to give Fnatic their first round on the attacking side. 


The following round should have been an easy one for the EMEA side since Paper rex was in an eco. 


But mindfreak had different plans, with a great individual play he turned the round in favor of Paper Rex. 



However, Boaster once again came up clutch winning the 1v1 versus 

Jingggm securing yet another round for his team.
It felt like Fnatic had taken control of the game, and were now once again in the lead. 
With their backs against the wall Paper Rex had to respond, and they did just that. 
Some great individual plays, especially by mindfreak, and adapting to what Fnatic was doing, were the keys to Paper Rex success. 
By doing that they won four straight rounds and were now on map point. 
Fnatic wasn't going down without a fight and closed that game to 12-11. 
But in the last round of regular time, Jingggm insane aggressive play saw him get two players through the smoke and gave Paper Rex the advantage they need to close out the game. 
13-11 was the score and Paper Rex had secured their opponent's map pick. 



This time it was Paper Rex who started on the defensive side, secured the first pistol round of the game, and also manage to convert the eco round. 


Fnatic answered back with two rounds of their own. 


It seemed both teams were going to trade rounds back and forth just like in the first half of game one, but Fnatic had other ideas. 


With some great executions, and the trades being on point for the EMEA champions, Fnatic won three straight rounds and was now in the lead 5-3.



However, Paper Rex adapted very quickly, and with a great round by f0rsakeN were able to swing the momentum their way. 



The APAC squad finished the half strongly by winning the next three rounds and taking a 7-5 lead into the second half. 


In the second half, Paper Rex secured their second pistol round of the game, and by also converting the eco round they now had a 4 round lead. 


Fnatic won the bonus round, but Paper Rex responded by winning the next two rounds. 



Jinggg and f0rsakeN were putting on MVP performances and were the main reason Paper Rex was in control of the game. 
But Fnatic wasn't going down without a fight. 
The individual plays finally showed up for Fnatic, and they went on a four-round win streak, closing the gap to just one round at 11-10. 
Despite a valiant comeback attempt by Fnatic, Paper Rex wasn't going to let this game slip. 
The APAC champions closed the game 13-10 and secured the series victory 2-0. 
Paper Rex moves to the Grand Final, while Fnatic is going to face 
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