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All About The New Valorant Game mode HURM

All About The New Valorant Game mode HURM
Written by: Mohsin

Valorant has plenty of fun game modes besides the usual competitive ones like Replication, Escalation, Spike Rush, etc. These short games allow the player to warm up properly before committing to a ranked match.

They are also great if the player wants to play a quick 5 to 10 mins match instead of playing a full-length match. But it has been a long time since Riot Games last added a new mode to the game. So it's good to know that Riot games are finally adding a new mode to the game!



Enter HURM: An Ability Enabled Deathmatch!


According to a reliable Valorant leaker, “ValorLeaks” on Twitter, the new game mode that is being added to the game will be called HURM. It will be a team deathmatch where the first team to get to 100 kills wins, instead of the current solo deathmatch, which tops out at 40 kills.

But that’s not the main attraction of this game mode. It is the fact that HURM will be an Ability-Enabled deathmatch! This means that players can not just train their aim but also their abilities as they warm up and prepare for a Ranked Valorant match.

Having Abilities Enabled will also allow players who play agents like Sova, Brimstone, and Viper to practice their lineups in the deathmatch mode. Even duelists like Raze can practice their double satchels, and Jetts can practice their smoke and dash combos, etc.

Previously, if you wanted to practice using your abilities, you had no other option than to go into a Spike Rush match, where you only had a maximum of 7 rounds to practice, and if you die, you’d have to wait till you respawn in the next round. This is why HURM is a great mode choice by Riot Games and only goes to show how creative they are when making game modes.




A Fun Gamemode Overall

HURM is expected to be a really fun game mode overall and a game changer for warming up in Valorant since it gives you the best of Spike Rush and Deathmatch in a single game mode.

Even if you just want to play a quick game of Valorant, HURM sounds like a great mode with a lot less frustration than other games since you respawn immediately. You can play it with your friends and have plenty of fun.

With the addition of HURM, the game mode playlist in Valorant will have a total of seven modes. We are waiting for the official announcement since there hasn’t been anything confirmed by the developers yet.



Other Changes

Here are some other changes expected with Patch 5.04:



New Home Screen


Riot Games are expected to add a brand new Valorant Champions 2022-themed Home Screen to the game with the upcoming patch. Twitter user “floxay” shows us the preview on Twitter.



New Crosshair Settings


In this patch, you’ll also get some new crosshair setting changes. These are:


  • Using Hex code for your crosshair, you can now use custom colors instead of pre-defined colors.
  • You can now change horizontal and vertical crosshair lines separately.
  • You can now copy the crosshair of the player you are spectating in-game by typing /crosshair copy or /cc, much like in CSGO.
  • You now get 15 maximum crosshair profiles instead of the previous 10.



Avoid Teammates


Riot is also expected to add an Avoid Teammates feature to Valorant, allowing you to avoid certain players as your teammates. If you get a toxic player in your game or someone you don’t like and would prefer not to have on your team, you can add them to your Avoid List.

The people on your Avoid List will be very less likely to appear on your team for the next few days. This doesn’t work 100%, though, since there are still some chances that they may appear in your team.

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