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New Valorant Bundle Leaked: Kohaku & Matsuba!

New Valorant Bundle Leaked: Kohaku & Matsuba!
Written by: Mohsin

Valorant is constantly releasing new bundles to add more variety to the skins in the game. The bundles can have skins for any weapon in the game, as there is no set pattern for skins in Valorant.

Although, most of the time, new bundles that Valorant releases have at least one skin for a main gun like the Phantom, Vandal, Operator, etc. And most of the time, these skins have a custom inspect animation, shooting sound, or finisher, making them more popular among players. But this isn't necessary.



Kohaku & Matsuba - Leaked Bundle

A reliable Valorant leaks Twitter account called Valorleaks has posted that a new upcoming Valorant bundle has been leaked. And it is being called the Kohaku & Matsuba Bundle!

This bundle is expected to drop in the in-game store soon. Meanwhile, let’s go over the details of what we know about this bundle!

The Kohaku & Matsuba bundle will have skins for Six weapons; Classic, Judge, Phantom, Operator, and the Melee! Unfortunately, these skins don’t have any custom sounds or equip animations, but they do have an animated texture!

Moreover, all the skins in the Kohaku & Matsuba bundle will have two variants; Base and Dark.





The Kohaku & Matsuba bundle has an amazing Melee weapon skin, which is a Japanese hand fan. This looks very similar to the Celestial Fan skin in Valorant, and it even has the same inspect animation!

Although it may not be as cool as the Celestial Fan itself, this Melee skin is still really good-looking and will most likely be very popular, especially since there is only one other fan skin in the game.




Another important weapon skin from the Kohaku & Matsuba bundle is the Phantom skin. It doesn’t have any special inspect animation like the Melee skin. Instead, it just has the base skin, which has a cool wind-blowing animation on the skin itself.





We don’t know the actual prices of the bundle just yet, but since the bundle doesn’t have any fancy finishers or shooting sounds, it will most likely be a cheap bundle. So if you like the bundle, it may make sense for you to buy it considering the price.

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